Throwback Thursday with Lily Holbrook


Lily Holbrook at the Stanford Park Hotel July 20, 2017

I saw Lily Holbrook perform at the Stanford Park Hotel two Thursday straight. Both of her performances were great and each time she performs at the Stanford Park Hotel it gets much better.

Lately when I see Lily Holbrook perform at the Stanford Park Hotel I am on Facebook Live recording a performance. The video is recorded from my Samsung Galaxy Tab A or IPad Pro. It is not the best video compare to when I am using my Nikon D5200 or Nikon D5300. The video has been getting recognition from people especially friends of Lily.

Do I enjoy watching Lily perform? The answer will always be yes! I enjoy watching Lily sing in public. She is the best musician that San Francisco has. I drive a long distance just to watch her sing. Crossing the bridge and paying toll is worth the money just to see Lily Holbrook perform.


Lily Holbrook at the Stanford Park Hotel July 27, 2017

To conclude this blog about Lily Holbrook with a lesson to remember by. Whenever somebody offers you a free dessert while Lily Holbrook is singing always say yes to it. Lily will mention it during her performance that she wants the dessert.


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June was good and July will be better

I been busy but also exhausted. I been working evening and more hours at my job. I am also applying for places to land a job. I am just trying to keep myself busy that it also made me exhausted. I guess trying to stay active can take a lot of energy out of me.


I avoided Off the Grid for one full month. It took me by surprise that the entire month of June I did not attend any Off the Grid markets. I save a lot of money of not eating any food trucks. I will admit I did not miss any Off the Grid markets. I felt the markets are not getting any better and that it was losing attention of people. I will say that seeing the same food truck weekly must being tiring. The live music became horrible. I am not sure what Off the Grid is doing but it is just not entertaining anymore.


I am still supporting Ceviche & Co. I feel that the food truck can still get people’s attention. Their food is healthy and I enjoy eating them whenever I see them. I am still doing their social media promotion which is getting a lot of attention. Their Facebook page is getting more attention than my Facebook page. I enjoy promoting their business on Facebook and people love them.


I am still Lily Holbrook photographer. I enjoy being her photographer because she is my best masterpiece. She does not mind that I take a photo of her. She appreciate that I am great on what I do and her friends appreciate the photo I have taken of her.


Speaking of photos just recently I saw a photo that I took of Jeremy Hatch from June 2016. He use the photo to promote his upcoming appearance at Off the Grid. I love that one of my photos of him is being use to promote his upcoming appearance at Off the Grid. It is sad that I won’t be able to attend his performance due to schedule conflict from my job.

That’s the update of my life. Hopefully I can keep up to date on my blogs.

Lily Holbrook – Music Worth Listening To


Lily Holbrook performing at Stanford Park Hotel June 23, 2017

A blog to end the month of June. I have written a blog about her in the past but I need to continue writing about her to put a connection to all of them into this one. She is worth mentioning. I am just great friends with her and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I have known this woman for three years now and each year Lily Holbrook has gotten better each day, weeks, months, and years since I been following her music. She has kept her music alive and has not stop playing ever since. Oddly I will say that I am her personal photographer which I have taken amazing photos of her which have gotten plenty of likes on Facebook and Instagram. There is something that makes Lily Holbrook amazing!


Lily Holbrook performing at Off the Grid June 17, 2014

I met Lily Holbrook at Off the Grid in Serremonte June 2014, That day was strange because it was sunny compare to being foggy and windy at the market. I do not remember how I approach her but I could remember seeing a pretty woman with sunglasses with a beautiful voice. I was impress with her singing.

Fast forward to October at Upper Haight. I got to see her perform with her friend Mark Erickson. I have a YouTube video of them performing which I use my brand new Nikon D5300 that I got for my 34th birthday (the video was not bad but as I continue to use my camera each video that I have recorded gotten much better).

I saw her again at Uptown Oakland in November. That performance was crazy because I was taking pictures and recording a video of her at the same time. The video of her was amazing and there was a song that I love which was entitled “No Means Yes Girl”. That song was amazing because she was able to belt a high note that I have never heard before. Lily has talents that I never thought a musician would ever have.

I have seen her perform at Off the Grid, 50 Mason Social House, Neck of the Woods, outside in the Castro District, and Stanford Park Hotel. I have driven a far distance to watch her perform and it is worth it. She is an amazing musician. She is one of the best person that I have ever taken a photo of and recorded her.

Lily Holbrook is the best musician that San Francisco has. She has three studio albums that are amazing to listen to. Her music is not hard to find on Spotify, Pandora, I Heart Radio, and even ITunes. Lily is popular.


Autograph poster of Lily Holbrook that I took with me to Panera Bread (yes I had people look at me wondering why I had a poster dining with me)

It been nine years since she has release an album. She is raising the money through Patreon. I have become a Patreon which I have gotten great rewards from pledging to her. Her music deserve to continue and I am just doing my best to promote her music and her Patreon page on my Facebook page.


Lily Holbrook performing at Bazaar Cafe April 30, 2016

Does this blog sound like my experience with Lily Holbrook? I will say that I am telling a great story about her. I will confess I have become her number one fan and I am her personal photographer. I do have plenty of photos and videos of her. Oddly if you were to search my name on Google the results would be photos and videos of her.


Lily Holbrook at Vego Rouge Cafe July 10, 2015

My friendship with Lily Holbrook will go on to eternity. I will continue to support her music no matter if she stops playing.

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To End The Month of May

I have the passion to do photography. My only problem is places that I apply for that involves photography do not think I have the qualification for what they are looking for. I find it sad that something that I love doing places I apply for do not think I fit their description. I been doing photography since 1996. It is what I love doing.


The entire May I been doing my best to keep up with my photography. I been attending Off the Grid markets that Ceviche & Co. have been doing. I am the person that keep up their Facebook page by posting photo of their food and posting up schedule on where the food truck will be. Daniel and Xavier appreciate the hard work that I been doing on keeping their Facebook page up to date on location where the truck will be at. People that see their Facebook page love the photos that I been posting.


I saw Tammy Byerly perform two Saturday straight at Barrelista in Martinez. I go to her performance after I get off work at 9:30. It is worth attending her performance because I do not feel stress out after work. Watching her perform makes me feel better. She appreciate that come to her performances after I get off work.


Last Friday I saw Lily Holbrook performing at the Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park. I love being her personal photographer. It just makes me feel great that I am needed on this occasion. She is my best masterpiece that I have ever taken a photo of. She is the best musician that I have ever seen perform and I support her music 100%. I will admit I go a far distance to watch her perform. I am a great friend to her.

Hopefully June I can continue doing more photography. For sure I will be doing more pictures of Ceviche & Co. and Lily Holbrook. They keep me busy and people love the pictures that I take of them.

Amazing Friday Evening With Lily Holbrook


I had an amazing Friday Evening with a certain woman. She did an amazing performance in Menlo Park. It was a slow first half but the second half was great. She is my favorite musician that I enjoy watching and I am her biggest fan. She appreciates how much support that I have given to her.

I been watching Lily Holbrook performing since 2014. It has be an awesome three years following her music. She is a great musician that I enjoy watching. I have watch her perform at Off the Grid, Neck of the Woods, and Stanford Park Hotel. I go a far distance to watch an amazing performance from a lovely lady.

I will admit I been getting to know her better. I learn not to get into her bad side. I also refuse not to lose a perfect woman that has given me a chance to know her better. Even my own friends are wondering what is going on between her and I. My friends know that Lily and I are just good friends.

Lily Holbrook is one of the best musician that I enjoy recording and taking picture. She is a perfect masterpiece. People love the photos that I have taken of her. I post the photos of her on Facebook and Instagram. The videos that I record of her are posted on YouTube are amazing! I am only using the best photo and video to be posted on Facebook and YouTube.

I am grateful that I am Lily Holbrook personal photographer.

Become a Patreon member and support Lily’s music. There are amazing reward when you pledge.

My Latest Update On Me

What is going on with me? How is life treating me? The question that people been asking me. Not a good start to a blog explaining on what been going on with me.

I been going through a lot with my job. I been working for Sam’s Club for 10 years and I been noticing changes that I am not happy about. The short staffing and demanding have been getting to me where I am always frustrated. A workplace should be great and not awful while working. I feel that it is time for me to leave that company and move onto a better place. Working 10 years at Sam’s Club I feel that I have gotten a lot of experience that I could apply anywhere to get a job. Apparently the places I have apply at do not feel my qualification would fit their job. I am applying for places that I fit their needs but perhaps I need to prove them that I want the job. It is something I need to show places and people around me that I want it.

As of late while I am not working I am at home sleeping the entire day. It is good to catch up on sleep but I feel I am wasting my day not doing anything. I love to keep myself busy by doing something. I am an active person that refuse to do nothing.

Hopefully I can keep up mentioning what been going on with me. It hard to find out what to mention in my blog.

Ceviche & Co. Social Media Specialist

Alameda 022517-1

If you’re not aware of it I will tel you. For the past months I been doing social media for Ceviche & Co. What I been doing is posting advertisement, photos, and schedules on where the food truck will be at on their Facebook page. I will say that their Facebook page has been getting attention. People been liking what is posted on their Facebook.

Alameda 022517-2

It is a difficult job on what to post on the page. I have to be creative on catching attention. On the advertisement is one of the foods that Ceviche & Co. serves. I want people to see what food the truck serves and say something about the food that will catch attention. What I have learn about creating advertisement is to inform people what this business does. If I just post a photo without description then it won’t get attention. Pictures with a description on what the food is will get attention.

Lake Merritt

I enjoy doing this for Daniel and Xavier. They appreciate the hard work that I do for them. They take care of me by feeding me as a way of paying me. I enjoy their food compare to other food trucks that I see at Off the Grid.


I hope that Ceviche & Co. stay in business for another year and longer. Their food truck is amazing. People would be disappointed if they decide to go out of business. People that go to the Presidio in San Francisco and Oakland Museum of California love them. I can not make the call for Daniel and Xavier but I hope they can keep their food truck in business.

Wednesday 032917 2