Supporting Women’s March

I support the Women’s March because I believe these women have the right to speak. I have seen plenty of women not being allowed to speak because they were told to be silence by men. I just think it is wrong for a man to get away with crime. Women been hurt by men throughout a long time. Celebrities like Tina Turner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Beckinsale, and other women were hurt by abuse and sexual harassment. I think the abuse toward women should stop. No women should be hurt.

I was impress that the Women’s March occur again this year. Celebrities like Natalie Portman spoke at the march. I am hopefully it will be a yearly event that will keep on occurring in our lifetime. It should still go on after Donald Trump is done being President of the United States. Hopefully more women will speak out during the march if it occur yearly.


2018 the year for me

I been keeping it low lately. I just have not done much due to nothing going on in the Bay Area. With the cold weather I am trying to prevent from being outside. Heck I even been avoiding Off the Grid.

What do I have plan for 2018? I been applying for jobs. I want to work at a different place where I can grow within the company and be successful. I feel like my current job I have done what I can do and I am not going anywhere within the company. I need a job that will keep me busy and that it is well paid with benefits. I am pushing myself daily on finding a job that fits me. I do have plenty of skills which I feel that companies that I apply for do not see in me. I just need to prove them that I am the right person for the job. Just hopefully someone will hire me.


When is the next photo that I will be doing? I do plan to see Planet Loop at Off the Grid El Cerrito January 24th. I been following their music since January 2014. I have attended their shows in the Bay Area.

DSC_0033 - Copy

Another photo that I am expecting to take a picture of is Lily Holbrook. Her next performance in going to be at Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco January 26th. I truly want to watch her perform but my only problem is finding parking nearby. The only parking I know is at Safeway which is four blocks away from the place. I am willing to pay for parking and walk to Hotel Utah Saloon. Lily is the best photo that I have ever taken.

Let hope 2018 will be great to me.

Busy Lazy Life

What have I been up to? Would you believe that I been very busy that I forget to update my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress, and Blogger? I would say that I am making excuses and I am just too lazy to do anything.

I am still involve with Ceviche & Co with their Facebook page. I just put up the schedule on where the food truck will be at. I even added photos of the food.

I been applying for jobs and hopefully landing a job. I do want to leave Sam’s Club and find a better job that pays well. I got 11 years’ experience at Sam’s Club and I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Francisco State University. I feel it is time to move onto better things in life.

That is what been going on with me. I will try my best to update what been going on with me.

First Amendment

In the Spring of 2007 I took a Journalism class taught by Donna Smith at Diablo Valley College. It was a easy course to take and I got an A.

I write an essay about my First Amendment. It actually caught attention of the store manager at Mervyn’s during my last year with the company. I just thought I would share this with everyone.

The First Amendment is a constitution that was written by James Madison to be part of the United States Bill of Right created in 1791. The amendment states the right to have free causes of religion, speech, press, peaceful assembly, and to petition any type of government. What the freedom means is that a person has the right to worship different religions, say what he/she wants to say without being told what not to say, distribute news to the public, and to go against what they don’t believe is the right for the country. It became part of the Constitution as a way to have the United States government not to interfere with a person’s free expression.

The part of the amendment that I believe in is the freedom of speech. I enjoy saying whatever is on my mind without a person stopping me. I have my own opinion in which people don’t agree with me on what I say. Everyone has their own opinion and whatever they say it is their own. Agreeing or disagreeing on what a person say it their own right on what they want to say.

I have a freedom of speech online. I posted a blog on MySpace that describes about my job at Mervyn’s. It was a bad experience that I had with the store. I have been with the company for five years and as the years gone by the store became horrible. It went through new management every other six month and I did not like how managers were doing their job. They did not care about their associates and they didn’t even care about other managers they were working with. They were treating their associate with no respect, not willing to help them out, and showing bad customer service to the customers. My co-worker found out about the horrible blog and printed out show it off to a store manager. The store manager was not too happy about what I said on the blog. She didn’t like what I said about other managers and the performance of the store. I was called into her office the following day that my co-worker printed out the blog to show it off to her. I was so very nervous about it that I was afraid that she was going to fire me about the bad blog but that wasn’t the case. She told me that whatever I said outside of work is my own opinion. She knew about what I said about other managers were true and she couldn’t deny it. If the comments were done during work hour then I would be terminated.

After that experience I try to keep my own opinion to myself. I didn’t stay with Mervyn’s after that incident. I move onto a new job in which the people I work with treated me with respect. I still post blog on MySpace but I watch out on who read my blog. I have my own freedom of speech but I should watch on what I say. People can take it offensive and it can get me into big trouble. I learn to be careful on what to say on my blog.

Being Raise With Another Gender

During the Spring of 2006 I took an English course at Diablo Valley College that was taught by Tom Barber. This instructor was amazing! He was an understanding instructor that would not allow anyone to take advantage of him. I doubt there was anyone that miss a single day of this class. All of his students love him and he love all of them.

A few days ago I found a floppy disk containing all of the essays that I did in his class. I wanted to share with you an essay that I did entitled “Being Raise With Another Gender”. It was an essay that I did about my mom raising my siblings and I.

Growing up as a little boy in the 1980’s and 1990’s the question I had to learn was how to be a boy. I would have to know what was meant to be for boys and what was for girls as for playing with toys and how to dress up as. I have a brother and sister that were older than me by three to five years apart. My brother was an aggressive type in which he would beat me up due to being the baby in the family and my sister was the nice one who would protect her little brother from the other brother but she still thought I was a spoil brat. Both of my parents were working different shifts while my siblings and I were growing up. My dad would work during the daytime at the post office while my mom, who also work at the same post office as my dad would be working graveyard shift. The only time I would see my dad was in the morning when my sibling and I get ready for school. He would drop us off at school while my mom would be the one picking us up in the afternoon and take us shopping. She was the one raising us instead of my dad. It was kind of confusing to understand why my mom was raising us instead of my dad. I didn’t until why was that until I turn 6 year old. My mom would be doing everything from cooking us food and taking us shopping for clothes.

My mom was strict on us. She taught both all of us how to act like for our gender. She would teach my sister how to act like a girl by telling her how to dress up like and what not to do. Like the essay “Girl” the mother is telling her daughter what to do by telling her how to act, how to cook, how to sew a button. My mom was worry about the men my sister went out with. She felt that the men would take advance of my sister by doing things that a teenager should be doing. My sister would not follow any of the rules my mom would make on her. I would watch my mom argue with my sister every single week. My sister would be going home late compare to the time she was suppose to be home. It was like that to my brother and I. We had to be home before my mom would leave for work. If we were not home by the time she left for work we would all be getting scream at by her the next day after she comes home from work.

I kind of had some mix reaction when I was hanging out with my mom. I couldn’t understand why my dad could not take us anywhere like other fathers would take their children to a sporting event, fishing, or to the zoo. I felt like that I was being raise as a little girl than a boy from my mom. In the cartoon entitled “Nature vs. Nurture” the father is trying to get his daughter to play with a fire truck. He shows her how fun it is to play with a fire truck but he is unsuccessful. The little girl ends up nurturing the fire truck like it was a little doll. It is the nature for little girls to play with dolls in the beginning. The parents are supposed to nurture their kids to act like their gender. I felt like my mom was nurturing me to be a baby to her for a long time. It was embarrassing getting smooch and having my hands being held by her in public. I can see the reactions of people’s faces and little kids that I saw in places we went. Whenever I went with her I would see boys with their dad and I couldn’t understand why I was the one boy who was with his mom.

What was odd being with my mom was I ended up going into the Women Restroom. I didn’t understand why I was not allowed to go into the Men’s Restroom by myself. I had to go in with her everywhere we went. I got confuse for awhile after ended up going to the exact restroom with her. When I was around 5 years old I finally was allowed to go to the restroom by myself I still didn’t know which restroom to use. As I question myself outside of the restroom knowing which one to go into I ended up using the Women Restroom but when some woman scream at me that I was in the wrong restroom I got the message that I was suppose to use the Men’s Restroom than the Woman’s. My sister was shock that I would go into the Women’s Restroom even though I was a boy. I knew from that day why men and women have separate restroom.

When I was not with my mom I would go with my brother even though he did not want me to come along with him. He would hang out with the neighbors across the street from us in which they were all boys. Our neighbors had the toys that we all wanted to have. They have toys like Transformers, GI Joes, Sega, and Nintendo. They even had the haircuts with the line going across the back of the head and brand name clothes with Ked shoes being bought at JCPenny’s and Sears. My clothes were pick out by my mom in which they were not big brand name but they were bought from K-Mart. I was not even allowed to pick out my own clothes until I was 12 years old. In the essay, “Bato Con Khakis” the character that author Jacinto Jesus Cardona talks about wants to be cool like the other boys but the way her dresses isn’t what is suppose to be cool. He worn bifocal glasses with a blue vest and dark laid back shades. He was cool after all but learn that he did not have to dress up like the other boys. I wanted to be like other boys in our neighborhood but my mom wouldn’t allow my brother and I to be like the others.

Whenever we wanted toys my mom would get toys that were appropriate for our gender. My mom bought the toys for all of us. My brother and I ended up getting Transformers while my sister got Cabbage Patch Kids doll. We would end up bringing our toys to other people’s houses so we can play with other kids who had toys as well. My mom knew what toys was meant for my brother and sister. I did not get the message of what to play with until my brother shown me, which one was for boys and girls. Knowing what was role to be in was from my brother and sister. My brother would be hanging out with his friends playing Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo at their house while my sister would be with her friends doing each other hair, playing with Cabbage pack kids and Barbie. In the essay “Why Boys Don’t Play with Dolls” author Katha Pollitt explain that boys still like to play with trucks while girls play with dolls. The roll of telling kids to be boys or girl is out of parent’s hands. They need to teach their children the gender role by nurturing them. I explain it certain parents don’t pay attention on how their kids are supposed to act. My mom would pay close attention to us on the way my siblings and I were suppose to act for our gender.

I think my mom raise us well. We didn’t turn out to be disaster when all of us grown up to become adults that we are. Even though my mom was a woman she knew what boys and girls were suppose to act like. Thankfully I finally got the message of know what gender I was suppose to be. Luckily I didn’t have identity crises as I gotten older. Hopefully I turn out to be a good dad to my children and not be lost in their lives.

Her Kickstarter must be a success

My follow up blog on Lily Holbrook and the Kickstarter campaign that she launch on August 20th on her birthday. Lily Holbrook Kickstarter Must Be A Success

Lily Holbrook Kickstarter has reach over 60% funded. I am impress on her Kickstarter reaching over the hallway mark within the month that it has launch. She only has one month away until her Kickstarter campaign ends.

I still believe her Kickstarter will be a success. It has been a long time since she has release an album…9 year exact. It is time for Lily to release a new album. With her Kickstarter launch not only is she releasing one but two albums. It is an impossible task but I believe people will pledge to her Kickstarter if she keeps promoting it.

Lily is a fantastic musician. I have seen her perform at 50 Mason, Neck of the Wood, and Stanford Park Hotel. Within watching her performance I have taken pictures and recorded them. Most of my pictures of her taken are on my Facebook page and the videos are on my YouTube Channel. I have done a great job on doing my best not to ruin Lily Holbrook image.

Lily was recently feature in San Francisco Chronicle as 6 female musicians keeping the flame alive. I read the article online and have gotten three printed copies of it. I am impress that Lily was feature in the article. It is a great article to go check out.

I am proud that Lily has launch a Kickstarter to get funds for her next albums. She has done a fantastic work on doing the videos and promoting herself.

I want Lily Holbrook Kickstarter to reach its goal.

Lily Holbrook Kickstarter

Indie spirit: 6 female musicians keeping the flame alive