The name is Ronald Nogra. I am a young Filipino American born in San Pablo then move to Hercules at age 7. I am still residing at the exact same house even though it went through a lot of remodeling (wooden floors, high technology).

I was not one of those guys in high school that was popular. I would be those people that stay away from the groups and mainly focus on my studies. People have told me that I am hard working. I put a lot of time at my schoolwork. I stay focus and it pays off at the end. I thrive hard to succeed.

I am easy to get along with. I make people laugh at my conversation (sometimes I can be a distraction but it is not my fault that I enjoy entertaining people).

I’m a photographer on the side. I do lots of landscape photography and post them on my private website (mainly Facebook). I have been hired to do photography for other people. I have done events like weddings and birthdays.

I just finish my final semester at San Francisco State University in December of 2013. I  was an Asian American Studies Major. I work in Concord in a wholesale store Sam’s Club. I commute a long distance to get to my destination everyday. Each day I wake up early and I come home late at night (thankfully for Jamba Juice, Starbucks and Peets Coffee for keeping me awake with lots of energy).

Ronald Nogra’s Resume


Sam’s Club
Accounting Associate
Concord, CA
September 2006 – Present
I work inside the cash office. My goal is to be sure that all the associate has a cash register and to be sure how much money the company makes hourly.


San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA
August 2009 – December 2013
Bachelor of Arts in Asian American Studies

Diablo Valley College
Pleasant Hill, CA
January 2004 – May 2009
Journalism – General Education

Volunteer Services:

Ceviche & Co.
Social Media
Concord, CA
January 2015 – Present
Non-Paid Volunteer Service. Collaborate with the owner of the truck on promoting food, taking photograph of the foods that are served on the truck, and mentioning locations on where the truck will be at.

Lily Holbrook Music
Social Media
San Francisco, CA
October 2014 – Present
Main purpose is to promote Lily Holbrook on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube by recording videos and taking photos of her performance at events in the Bay Area.

Meetup – Pinole/Hercules Youngthings
Hercules, CA
July 2013 – October 2015
I am an organizer for Pinole/Hercules Youngthings. I started out as a member of the group in July 2013. I became the organizer of the group in April 2014 taking over the leadership from the original organizer. I just host events for the group and taking suggestions.

International Hotel Manilatown Center
San Francisco, CA
March 2012 – November 2013
I promote this historical place on Facebook and YouTube. I am their un-official photographer. I help the center by posting up photos/slideshows on their website, Facebook page, and YouTube (one way to aware people that this place exist).


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