La Gente Independence Day


My 4th of July was amazing! I attended the the worldOne Festival held at Cerrito Vista Park in El Cerrito. My friend Rafael Sarria and his band La Gente performed to a huge crowd. I will tell you that the crowd enjoyed their music. I have seen people dancing while they were performing. Never have I seen a crowd that got into the music.


I will tell you that I took so many photos it is not a joke. It was about over 300 photos that I have taken of La Gente. I did move around getting different angle of the band performing on stage. Most of the photos that I took had people’s head in the way.


I did enjoy watching La Gente perform. What I also enjoy was that I took so many pictures that I still want to continue my photography. I will confess it has been awhile since I gone to an event and taken a lot of pictures. I want to continue doing it if I can find an event in the Bay Area that isn’t a long commute.

I will still support Rafael Sarria and La Gente music. Next time they perform I will do my best to attend it.

La Gente


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