Send Me Word When You Get Back


Jeremy Hatch Send Me Word When You Get Back

A blog dedicated to a musician that I been following since January 2014.

I got an advance copy of Jeremy Hatch album, “Send Me Word When You Back”. I manage to listen the entire album, every single song that was on the CD. It was a great album that Jeremy has produce. What I enjoy about this album was that it included a song book which had lyrics to the songs. It was a good extra that was included with the CD.

I met Jeremy Hatch when his band Borrowed Trouble perform at Off the Grid Concord January 2014 (I actually recorded a video of the performance). What I did not know was that he was already a solo artist before Borrowed Trouble. I found old YouTube videos floating around of his performance. He played with other musicians mostly instrumental.


Jeremy Hatch performing at Off the Grid Hayward August 14, 2017

I have follow his solo project on Facebook. On June 2016 he launch a Kickstarter to raise money to fund his album “Send Me Word When You Get Back”.  Within one month it his Kickstarter reach its goal and people were still pledging.

I see Jeremy Hatch continue as a great musician. I enjoy his songs which could be included into a movie soundtrack. I am going to continue following his music and hopefully I can attend his performance. No doubt Jeremy Hatch is the musician to listen to.

Jeremy Hatch


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