Lily Holbrook, Music Sensation


Lily Holbrook performing at Hotel Utah Saloon March 15, 2018

I saw Lily Holbrook perform at Hotel Utah Saloon Thursday March 15. Her performance was an hour late due to a miscommunication with the place (details will not be mention). I enjoy watching her performance even though she only sang 3-4 songs under 30 minutes.

I enjoy coming out to see Lily perform. I am her biggest fan since 2014. I have follow her music, where she is performing, and her on Facebook/Instagram. I even pledge to her Kickstarter and Patreon. I am very supported of her music. My YouTube Channel and Facebook page has so many videos and photos of her. I guess I could be officially in charge of putting out her name on the internet.

I cannot wait for her two albums to come out in 2018. It been ten years since she has release an album. I know people who have seen her perform live will be excited to get her albums. Lily is the American Idol of San Francisco.

What to expect when her two albums come out? For sure she’ll be going on tour to promote her album and perform live across the country. I would love to see Neck of the Woods, Hotel Utah Saloon, or even Great American Music Hall to have her perform. A Lily Holbrook Appreciation concert is long overdue. Lily is a star and people love watching her perform. She’ll be on TV eventually because everybody would want to book her to perform.

Lily Holbrook music will continue to get people’s attention.


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