Golden Gate Gyro


Mixed Gyro

A food truck from Concord that serves gyros? You got to be kidding me. Where do people come up with a food truck that makes amazing gyros? Golden Gate Gyro is the truck that serves amazing gyro in the 925 area code.

I discover this small trailer at a Off the Grid market in Pittsburg 2017. I seen it at Off the Grid in Pleasant Hill, and Taste of the World in Walnut Creek and Orinda. I never tried them out until recently. I heard from other food vendors that Golden Gate Gyro has the best gyros compare to other food truck, GyroStop.

I had the Mixed Gyro (Chicken and Lamb). I have to say this gyro was amazing. I just love how good my gyro was plus it was huge with lots of sauce which was alright with me. Luckily I did not make a mess while eating it.

I read their review on Yelp which was fantastic. Rarely anyone who ha their food gave the trailer a bad review. If they did give the trailer a bad review then they should have them again.

Golden Gate Gyro surely got a chance to be a successful food truck in the Bay Area. If you see them at Off the Grid, Taste of the World or Food Truck Mafia have them for lunch or dinner.


Golden Gate Gyro


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