2018 the year for me

I been keeping it low lately. I just have not done much due to nothing going on in the Bay Area. With the cold weather I am trying to prevent from being outside. Heck I even been avoiding Off the Grid.

What do I have plan for 2018? I been applying for jobs. I want to work at a different place where I can grow within the company and be successful. I feel like my current job I have done what I can do and I am not going anywhere within the company. I need a job that will keep me busy and that it is well paid with benefits. I am pushing myself daily on finding a job that fits me. I do have plenty of skills which I feel that companies that I apply for do not see in me. I just need to prove them that I am the right person for the job. Just hopefully someone will hire me.


When is the next photo that I will be doing? I do plan to see Planet Loop at Off the Grid El Cerrito January 24th. I been following their music since January 2014. I have attended their shows in the Bay Area.

DSC_0033 - Copy

Another photo that I am expecting to take a picture of is Lily Holbrook. Her next performance in going to be at Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco January 26th. I truly want to watch her perform but my only problem is finding parking nearby. The only parking I know is at Safeway which is four blocks away from the place. I am willing to pay for parking and walk to Hotel Utah Saloon. Lily is the best photo that I have ever taken.

Let hope 2018 will be great to me.


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