First Amendment

In the Spring of 2007 I took a Journalism class taught by Donna Smith at Diablo Valley College. It was a easy course to take and I got an A.

I write an essay about my First Amendment. It actually caught attention of the store manager at Mervyn’s during my last year with the company. I just thought I would share this with everyone.

The First Amendment is a constitution that was written by James Madison to be part of the United States Bill of Right created in 1791. The amendment states the right to have free causes of religion, speech, press, peaceful assembly, and to petition any type of government. What the freedom means is that a person has the right to worship different religions, say what he/she wants to say without being told what not to say, distribute news to the public, and to go against what they don’t believe is the right for the country. It became part of the Constitution as a way to have the United States government not to interfere with a person’s free expression.

The part of the amendment that I believe in is the freedom of speech. I enjoy saying whatever is on my mind without a person stopping me. I have my own opinion in which people don’t agree with me on what I say. Everyone has their own opinion and whatever they say it is their own. Agreeing or disagreeing on what a person say it their own right on what they want to say.

I have a freedom of speech online. I posted a blog on MySpace that describes about my job at Mervyn’s. It was a bad experience that I had with the store. I have been with the company for five years and as the years gone by the store became horrible. It went through new management every other six month and I did not like how managers were doing their job. They did not care about their associates and they didn’t even care about other managers they were working with. They were treating their associate with no respect, not willing to help them out, and showing bad customer service to the customers. My co-worker found out about the horrible blog and printed out show it off to a store manager. The store manager was not too happy about what I said on the blog. She didn’t like what I said about other managers and the performance of the store. I was called into her office the following day that my co-worker printed out the blog to show it off to her. I was so very nervous about it that I was afraid that she was going to fire me about the bad blog but that wasn’t the case. She told me that whatever I said outside of work is my own opinion. She knew about what I said about other managers were true and she couldn’t deny it. If the comments were done during work hour then I would be terminated.

After that experience I try to keep my own opinion to myself. I didn’t stay with Mervyn’s after that incident. I move onto a new job in which the people I work with treated me with respect. I still post blog on MySpace but I watch out on who read my blog. I have my own freedom of speech but I should watch on what I say. People can take it offensive and it can get me into big trouble. I learn to be careful on what to say on my blog.


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