Her Kickstarter must be a success

My follow up blog on Lily Holbrook and the Kickstarter campaign that she launch on August 20th on her birthday. Lily Holbrook Kickstarter Must Be A Success

Lily Holbrook Kickstarter has reach over 60% funded. I am impress on her Kickstarter reaching over the hallway mark within the month that it has launch. She only has one month away until her Kickstarter campaign ends.

I still believe her Kickstarter will be a success. It has been a long time since she has release an album…9 year exact. It is time for Lily to release a new album. With her Kickstarter launch not only is she releasing one but two albums. It is an impossible task but I believe people will pledge to her Kickstarter if she keeps promoting it.

Lily is a fantastic musician. I have seen her perform at 50 Mason, Neck of the Wood, and Stanford Park Hotel. Within watching her performance I have taken pictures and recorded them. Most of my pictures of her taken are on my Facebook page and the videos are on my YouTube Channel. I have done a great job on doing my best not to ruin Lily Holbrook image.

Lily was recently feature in San Francisco Chronicle as 6 female musicians keeping the flame alive. I read the article online and have gotten three printed copies of it. I am impress that Lily was feature in the article. It is a great article to go check out.

I am proud that Lily has launch a Kickstarter to get funds for her next albums. She has done a fantastic work on doing the videos and promoting herself.

I want Lily Holbrook Kickstarter to reach its goal.

Lily Holbrook Kickstarter

Indie spirit: 6 female musicians keeping the flame alive



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