Lily Holbrook Kickstarter Must Be A Success

Lily Holbrook launch a Kickstarter on August 20th, her birthday. Within one week it is 40% funded. She is 60% away from her pledge goal. I am impress how much Lily made within one week.

Lily started the Kickstarter campaign to not only get one album funded but two albums. It is an impossible task to do but I feel that she can do it. People that know her will help her out by pledging to her Kickstarter it can happen. I already pledge to her Kickstarter.

She is a great musician. Everybody loves listening her sing. She is our Bay Area version of American Idol.

People who have seen Lily performing must be wondering why this great musician is not popular like other musicians we have seen on TV. She does have the talent to be Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, and all these other female musicians that are popular. I would question her why she is not like those musicians but I am polite not to ask her that. It would ruin our friendship if I was noisy to ask.

It has been 9 years since she had release an album. Within the 9 years since her last album she been writing new songs and performing local in the Bay Area. I have seen her performance at 50 Mason, Neck of the Woods, and Stanford Park Hotel. I became her personal photographer since I have seen her performance.

Her music needs to continue. A new album needs to be produce. I have done my best to promote her Kickstarter on Facebook and Twitter. It would be ashamed if her two albums do not get produce.

Lily Holbrook Kickstarter


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