Summer of Love – My Three Weeks of Watching Lily Holbrook performing.


Would you believe I spend three weeks watching Lily Holbrook performing at Stanford Park Hotel? I will tell you I enjoy my three weeks watching her perform. It was worth the long distance to watch a great musician. I do not regret the three weeks that I have seen her perform. It was the best three weeks that I ever had.

I combine three of the best photos from each of the performances. I felt those photos were the best. I will say that Lily Holbrook is the best person that I have ever photograph.


I love how people comment to the photos that I have taken of her. Lily likes the photos of her that I have taken. I enjoy being her personal photographer.


If I was to name the three photos what would I call it? Would you believe Summer of Love? If those photos were in a gallery people would love it.


There will be more photos of Lily Holbrook in the future. I will admit people do come to my Facebook page and like the photos that I have taken of her. I will continue to be Lily Holbrook personal photographer until she fires me.

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