June was good and July will be better

I been busy but also exhausted. I been working evening and more hours at my job. I am also applying for places to land a job. I am just trying to keep myself busy that it also made me exhausted. I guess trying to stay active can take a lot of energy out of me.


I avoided Off the Grid for one full month. It took me by surprise that the entire month of June I did not attend any Off the Grid markets. I save a lot of money of not eating any food trucks. I will admit I did not miss any Off the Grid markets. I felt the markets are not getting any better and that it was losing attention of people. I will say that seeing the same food truck weekly must being tiring. The live music became horrible. I am not sure what Off the Grid is doing but it is just not entertaining anymore.


I am still supporting Ceviche & Co. I feel that the food truck can still get people’s attention. Their food is healthy and I enjoy eating them whenever I see them. I am still doing their social media promotion which is getting a lot of attention. Their Facebook page is getting more attention than my Facebook page. I enjoy promoting their business on Facebook and people love them.


I am still Lily Holbrook photographer. I enjoy being her photographer because she is my best masterpiece. She does not mind that I take a photo of her. She appreciate that I am great on what I do and her friends appreciate the photo I have taken of her.


Speaking of photos just recently I saw a photo that I took of Jeremy Hatch from June 2016. He use the photo to promote his upcoming appearance at Off the Grid. I love that one of my photos of him is being use to promote his upcoming appearance at Off the Grid. It is sad that I won’t be able to attend his performance due to schedule conflict from my job.

That’s the update of my life. Hopefully I can keep up to date on my blogs.


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