To End The Month of May

I have the passion to do photography. My only problem is places that I apply for that involves photography do not think I have the qualification for what they are looking for. I find it sad that something that I love doing places I apply for do not think I fit their description. I been doing photography since 1996. It is what I love doing.


The entire May I been doing my best to keep up with my photography. I been attending Off the Grid markets that Ceviche & Co. have been doing. I am the person that keep up their Facebook page by posting photo of their food and posting up schedule on where the food truck will be. Daniel and Xavier appreciate the hard work that I been doing on keeping their Facebook page up to date on location where the truck will be at. People that see their Facebook page love the photos that I been posting.


I saw Tammy Byerly perform two Saturday straight at Barrelista in Martinez. I go to her performance after I get off work at 9:30. It is worth attending her performance because I do not feel stress out after work. Watching her perform makes me feel better. She appreciate that come to her performances after I get off work.


Last Friday I saw Lily Holbrook performing at the Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park. I love being her personal photographer. It just makes me feel great that I am needed on this occasion. She is my best masterpiece that I have ever taken a photo of. She is the best musician that I have ever seen perform and I support her music 100%. I will admit I go a far distance to watch her perform. I am a great friend to her.

Hopefully June I can continue doing more photography. For sure I will be doing more pictures of Ceviche & Co. and Lily Holbrook. They keep me busy and people love the pictures that I take of them.


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