Amazing Friday Evening With Lily Holbrook


I had an amazing Friday Evening with a certain woman. She did an amazing performance in Menlo Park. It was a slow first half but the second half was great. She is my favorite musician that I enjoy watching and I am her biggest fan. She appreciates how much support that I have given to her.

I been watching Lily Holbrook performing since 2014. It has be an awesome three years following her music. She is a great musician that I enjoy watching. I have watch her perform at Off the Grid, Neck of the Woods, and Stanford Park Hotel. I go a far distance to watch an amazing performance from a lovely lady.

I will admit I been getting to know her better. I learn not to get into her bad side. I also refuse not to lose a perfect woman that has given me a chance to know her better. Even my own friends are wondering what is going on between her and I. My friends know that Lily and I are just good friends.

Lily Holbrook is one of the best musician that I enjoy recording and taking picture. She is a perfect masterpiece. People love the photos that I have taken of her. I post the photos of her on Facebook and Instagram. The videos that I record of her are posted on YouTube are amazing! I am only using the best photo and video to be posted on Facebook and YouTube.

I am grateful that I am Lily Holbrook personal photographer.

Become a Patreon member and support Lily’s music. There are amazing reward when you pledge.


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