My Latest Update On Me

What is going on with me? How is life treating me? The question that people been asking me. Not a good start to a blog explaining on what been going on with me.

I been going through a lot with my job. I been working for Sam’s Club for 10 years and I been noticing changes that I am not happy about. The short staffing and demanding have been getting to me where I am always frustrated. A workplace should be great and not awful while working. I feel that it is time for me to leave that company and move onto a better place. Working 10 years at Sam’s Club I feel that I have gotten a lot of experience that I could apply anywhere to get a job. Apparently the places I have apply at do not feel my qualification would fit their job. I am applying for places that I fit their needs but perhaps I need to prove them that I want the job. It is something I need to show places and people around me that I want it.

As of late while I am not working I am at home sleeping the entire day. It is good to catch up on sleep but I feel I am wasting my day not doing anything. I love to keep myself busy by doing something. I am an active person that refuse to do nothing.

Hopefully I can keep up mentioning what been going on with me. It hard to find out what to mention in my blog.


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