Ceviche & Co. Social Media Specialist

Alameda 022517-1

If you’re not aware of it I will tel you. For the past months I been doing social media for Ceviche & Co. What I been doing is posting advertisement, photos, and schedules on where the food truck will be at on their Facebook page. I will say that their Facebook page has been getting attention. People been liking what is posted on their Facebook.

Alameda 022517-2

It is a difficult job on what to post on the page. I have to be creative on catching attention. On the advertisement is one of the foods that Ceviche & Co. serves. I want people to see what food the truck serves and say something about the food that will catch attention. What I have learn about creating advertisement is to inform people what this business does. If I just post a photo without description then it won’t get attention. Pictures with a description on what the food is will get attention.

Lake Merritt

I enjoy doing this for Daniel and Xavier. They appreciate the hard work that I do for them. They take care of me by feeding me as a way of paying me. I enjoy their food compare to other food trucks that I see at Off the Grid.


I hope that Ceviche & Co. stay in business for another year and longer. Their food truck is amazing. People would be disappointed if they decide to go out of business. People that go to the Presidio in San Francisco and Oakland Museum of California love them. I can not make the call for Daniel and Xavier but I hope they can keep their food truck in business.

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