You Do Not Know What I Been Going Through

I been having people telling me how lazy I am and I do not work hard to make myself better. From family members and friends telling me that I am not doing better with my life it is sad to hear that. People do not know what I go through on a daily basis.

I do have a Bachelor of Arts in Asian American Studies from San Francisco State University. I thought when I graduated from SFSU I would get a job helping the community. Apparently that did not happen after getting my degree. My friend Matthew at International Hotel Manilatown Center left at the end of 2013. I thought he would help me look for a job in San Francisco but he was busy with his job at Chinatown Community Development Center.

When I ask for help looking for a job from people that I know they refuse to help me out. They felt that I did not have the qualification for any job which is very mess up. I felt I got many qualifications that are not mention in paper but I know I could do it.

Apparently last September after my 10 year anniversary at Sam’s Club I got promoted in Accounting/Cash Office. It was a department that I did not think I would qualify for. After 6 months in the office I prove myself wrong. I became my own boss by supervising Front End associates on the register making sure that they had enough money in their register. I even became a supervisor on the side by answer member’s questions. I never thought I could be good counting money and keeping track on how much the company makes.

I feel that I can do a lot of stuff that I did not know I could do. I need to prove places that I apply for that I can do it. They need to know that I can do it if given a chance. I felt that the places that I apply at do not see how good I can be with their company.

Ceviche & Co. knows that I am a big help with their food truck. Daniel, the owner of the food truck gave me a chance to post photos and promote their food truck on Facebook and Twitter.  It gotten a lot of attention when people liking what I posted on Facebook. People that check out Facebook love what I post.

I am applying for job that I feel I can do. I need to prove them that I mean business when I want the job. I am making sure that my resume and cover letter do not have any errors. I want to prove these places that I want to work for them. It is not easy finding a job these days. I want to move up in the world and I am doing whatever it takes to move up.


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