I Want To Do More Of This

I am going to confess something. I will admit I enjoy watching my friends perform. On Friday I watch a great performance at two different venues. I never felt excited going to an event that my friend is performing and cheer on for her. I want to do more of it if possible.


Friday Night I saw Tammy Byerly perform at two different venue (Inkling Coffee & Tea and Cellar Door). I will admit her performance was amazing! Inking Coffee & Tea was better than Cellar Door but I enjoy the songs she sang at Cellar Door than Inkling Coffee & Tea. Not only did I take pictures of her performance I also did a Facebook Live thanks to the wifi at Inkling Coffee & Tea. I felt that I should had recorded a video on my Nikon but I did not bother to bring my equipment that I use to record. Next time Tammy performs I will be prepare and ready to shoot a video.

I been doing digital photography since October 2007. I did not take full advantage of my skills until March 2012 when I volunteer at the International Hotel Manilatown Center in San Francisco. I have to thank Matthew Lew for giving me the chance to be a big help with the center. Without him I would not be notice by others in the community and people. After I was done with Manilatown in November 2013 I been following musicians at Off the Grid taking pictures of them. That also got me notice by them which I got invited to their events. I will also thank musician like Michele Kappel-Stone, Planet Loop, Borrowed Trouble, Rafael Sarria, and Lily Holbrook for noticing me. I will confess that I been following Lily Holbrook music a lot becoming her biggest fan ever!


I love doing photography and videos of live performance. I want to do this as a career but I felt that places I apply for would not take me. My only portfolio is what on the internet like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. I know for sure my friends appreciate the hard work that I do for them. I want to continue what I am trying passionate about. I am aware what I am doing may not support me with money but it is something I love to do.


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