Tammy Byerly – Two Venues In One Night

I had a great Friday Evening watching Tammy Byerly perform at two different venue in one night. Luckily the two places (Inking Coffee & Tea and Cellar Door) she perform at were not far apart from each other and I was able to walk a short distance. I did not expect to go to Pleasanton Friday Evening but I went anyways. It was worth the drive and I watch a great performance.

I saw Tammy perform twice in one week. I watch her perform to a big crowd on Wednesday at Off the Grid in Pleasant Hill. She was wonderful with little children approaching her while she was singing. Oddly I had recorded her perform which was alright.

Her performance at both Inking Coffee & Tea and Cellar Door were great! I did manage to do a Facebook Live video of two songs (Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash and Landslide by Fleetwood Mac) from a Samsung Galaxy Tab A at Inking Coffee & Tea. I should had done the video on my Nikon D5300 but I did not bring my equipment that I use to record videos due to fearing I would not be allow to do video.

I notice a difference of the two venues that she perform at. Her Cellar Door performance she was singing songs that I never heard her sing before. Oddly she sang a lot of more songs at Cellar Door compare to Inking Coffee & Tea.

Tammy Byerly is an A+ musician. She is now in my list of musicians to watch. I hope she will get a record deal which I will definitely buy her CD and hopefully Spotify, ITunes, and Pandora will feature her.


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