I Need To Be Back On Track

It been a slow beginning of 2017. I have not done much with my Facebook page, YouTube Channel, not even posting blogs on WordPress or Blogger. There has not been much to post up.

When I took my new position at my current job it stop me from going to Off the Grid on a daily basis. What I have notice is that I have not spend a lot of money on eating out. I guess it kept me from going out a lot. I work late afternoon/evening which took away my nightlife. It is a good sign that I cut back on my evening life. On the other hand it does take away from watching music performances from Lily Holbrook, Ukelenny, and Tammy Byerly.

I am still applying for jobs. My goal is to find a better job. Staying with a company for ten years I believe I got the qualification for me to try new places. I have to be sure that the places I apply for are what I fit in. It is time for a change which I need it. I want a better job with better opportunity to move up with the company.

I still have a passion of Photography and Video Recording. When I find the time to go out I will still continue doing that. I already told Grace Yoo, chair of San Francisco State University Asian American Studies Department that I will be happy to take pictures of their department bouquet in May. I even told I-Hotel Maniatown Center that I will be happy to take part of the 40th anniversary I-Hotel Eviction Commemoration. I want to continue my passion of Photography and Video Recording until I get notice.

I will do my best to do a weekly blog no matter if I do not have anything to say.


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