Lily Holbrook at Stanford Park Hotel 07.23.16


A follow up blog that I wrote about Lily Holbrook from May 6th of this year.

I had to write a blog about her once again. I cannot help it that she is an amazing musician. It is not my fault that I am great friend with an excellent musician. I am accepting that I got lucky in becoming good friends with her.

July 23rd I got invited to watch Lily Holbrook perform at the Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park…and also giving her a ride to the place. I will say that I had a great time watching her perform for four hours on Saturday. It was worth the drive to bring her there and back home.

I did something special for her since she dress up formal for her performance. I also dress up as well just to make her feel comfortable. She did not want me to dress up formal but I did it just for her. It is not everyday that I dress up for a beautiful woman like Lily.

I manage to take photos and videos of Lily performance. I will admit I might have made certain people that were sitting down uncomfortable. I did inform those people that were watching Lily that it was OK to talk among themselves. I am OK with people talking while Lily is singing her heart out. It was not like I was doing a movie. Lily was aware that I was recording her performance.

There are two videos that I have posted on YouTube. Those videos are OK. It was not the best videos nor was it the worse recording. I have mention it on my Facebook page and it gotten a few people that view the videos. There is one video that I will end up putting together as she is one of the three musicians that I recorded which I want to put together as a collaboration of great performances that I have recorded this summer.

I am 100% supportive of her music. I go to most of her performances no matter if it is Neck of the Woods, Stanford Park Hotel, or out on 18th and Castro on a Friday Night. Her and I became great friends. Lily is my favorite musician to watch out of other local musicians. There are plenty of places that is dying to have Lily perform and she will keep on getting people’s attention.

Lily is still raising money to fund for her fourth album. Check out her Patreon page and help support her music.

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