Jeremy Hatch, Borrowed Trouble Not Exactly


Jeremy Hatch at Off the Grid Uptown Oakland June 16, 2016

Here is a musician that I been following for over two years now. His name is Jeremy Hatch and he is not Borrowed Trouble…well he is not causing any trouble but making music.

I been following his music ever since January 2014 when I saw his band, Borrowed Trouble performing at Off the Grid in Concord. I try to make it to every single Off the Grid performance that he plays with or without his bandmates. Oddly his band were the first band to perform at a launch of a Off the Grid market (McCoppin Hub September 2014, Walnut Creek July 2015, and Concord August 2015). I would guess that his band are what launches an Off the Grid market every time.

I rarely see Jeremy without his bandmates. It was probably the first time that I have seen him going solo when I saw him at the Uptown Oakland Off the Grid market in June 2016. In my mind I was like “is this guy going Zayn Malik on Borrowed Trouble?”

Jeremy launch a KickStarter campaign to raise money for his album “Send Me Word When You Get Back”. He raise over more than what his original goal was. I was impress that he had a lot of people donating money. I saw the pledge offer which was amazing. This guy is willing to make music and in return willing to do the offers that was mention on his pledge offer.


Jeremy Hatch at Off the Grid El Cerrito June 22, 2016

Jeremy music is classical folk. His band is more rock jazz. Jeremy going solo is that he can play his own kind of music without asking his bandmates if it is OK to play it. He is still with his band Borrowed Trouble and they’re still performing in the Bay Area.


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