Lily Holbrook – Voice Of An Angel


Lily Holbrook performing at Bazaar Cafe April 30, 2016

This is a follow up blog that I did from September 4th 2015 about Lily Holbrook…and others that I mention her name (August 21th 2015, October 23rd 2015, January 1st 2016, and March 31th 2016).

March 25th of this year I recorded a video of Lily Holbrook performing in the Castro District. People walking around the neighborhood were impress by her beautiful singing. It is a voice you have to stop and wondering who is singing. Her beautiful voice just stop people and it just catches attention. People were talking to her between songs and buying her CD. Here is a woman that is not only the voice of the Castro District but also the main attention on Friday Night. I was just happy that I got to do a video of her performance.

People that have subscribe to me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are wondering how did I manage to become friends with an amazing musician that has a great singing voice. There been question on if Lily is all right with me recording her performance and posting them on those sites. All the questions that been ask about Lily Holbrook will be answer on this blog.

How I discover Lily was a day that I was attending an Off the Grid market in Serremonte June 2014. It was on a Tuesday that was sunny compare to being foggy and windy. There was a pretty face with sunglasses singing to people eating their food from the truck. I was impress by her singing which I do not remember if I approach her because all I could remember by that day was that I was focusing on eating and talking to two people from Off the Grid.

I doubt after that day in Serremonte that I kept in contact with Lily but her name was mention a lot by an Off the Grid supervisor that use to run the Uptown Oakland. He kept telling me how pretty she was and what an amazing musician she is (I presume he had a major crush on Lily compare to me).

Four months has past since I have seen Lily but thanks to Tyler Ryan Miller of Tumbledown House who told me about the music calendar that Off the Grid had online I manage to find out performance where Lily was going to be at. It was Upper Haight October 2014 (two days after I turned 34 year old) that I got to watch her perform again. Her Shivering Lilles band mate Mark Erickson performing with her was great (I do have videos that shows it but I won’t post it up). It was a great performance and I got to see her again a month later at Uptown Oakland which was a better performance (I have created a playlist on my YouTube Channel that has the performance which I won’t post here).

From October 2014 until now I been recording videos of her even though she never ask me to do it. I just did it because I was a nice guy and I know that I would show her the video eventually. I do have a rule that I follow which is only shoot from the waist up and make sure the photo is focus and that not much background noises are in the video. I want to make sure Lily looks great in pictures and videos.

What information do I know about Lily Holbrook. I am aware that she has three studio albums. Her first album Running From The Sky came out in 2000. Her second album Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt came out in 2005. Her third album Wicked Ways came out in 2008. She was feature in the Playing For Change documentary 2005 and was also in the movie Michael Blanco, which came out in 2004. I also found out that she was in a Rock Opera Weightless in 2012, which happen to get great review from the San Francisco Chronicle. She has open for Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys in July 2008. This is a great resume of what she has done.


Lily Holbrook performing at The Velo Rouge Cafe July 10, 2015

I have seen Lily perform at 50 Mason March 2015 and two shows at Neck of the Wood August 2015 and November 2015. There has been last minute performance like The Velo Rouge Café July 2015. Just recently I have seen her do Songwriters in the Round at Bazaar Café last April. I try my best to see all of her performances.

Here is my review of Lily Holbrook. She is a great musician. Honestly the best musician that San Francisco has. I believe she is already famous from what I have research about her. I became great friends with her. I could be her personal photographer, which I have no problem being. She appreciate that I come to her performance.

Her best cover song that she had sang was The Cure Just Like Heaven. Her cover song of Ani DiFranco Both Hands is amazing. I love Apocalypse Kiss from her third album Wicked Ways. She can sing any artist song and make it her own.

Lily Holbrook is definitely the Voice of Castro especially the voice of San Francisco no doubt. Her voice will catch anyone attention and she will be recognized. There is only one woman that has the voice of an angel and that woman is Lily Holbrook.

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