Friday Night At Oakland Museum of California


I had a great Friday Night at the Oakland Museum of California. Not only that I went to OMCA because Off the Grid was there but my friend Lendl San Jose and his friend Robert Frazier had a performance there and it was a great turn out. Their Bob and Lenny Show attracted a lot of the people that came into the museum enjoying their performance. I manage to record their performance. A total of nine videos were recorded but only three videos are posted on YouTube.

Recording the Bob and Lenny Show attracted the attention of three OMCA employees interested in the video. I am willing to give them the photos and videos with the only exception that I use them for my portfolio. I want to have something that I could show off to people that I have done that. It took me a long time to find something that I am great at and I do not want to have any conflict that will prevent me from showing them.

I am not sure how I met Lendl but I presume that it was through International Hotel Manilatown Center, Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, Facebook, who knows. All that matters is that he is great on the ukulele and a great singer. I been getting invites to his events on Facebook that I never get the chance to attend due to work or other commitments. It was great that I got to attend this event at the Oakland Museum of California.

Bob and Lenny Show OMCA 04.15.16

IzzyA’s Frozen Custard and Ceviche & Co. were at Off the Grid Lake Merritt which also was a great turn out. Ceviche & Co. had a long line which within two hours of the event they were sold out of certain food. IzzyA’s Frozen Custard did well also. Both trucks were place on Oak St. which I thought they would do awful because they were not place on the 10th St line up with the other trucks. With the extension of more food trucks at Off the Grid did help out. People knew that there were more trucks on 10th St. and every food truck got a line.

Again I had a great Friday Night because I got to support three people and they appreciate that I did it.


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