Being Active and Alive

Why do I love going out to places? What makes me very active is that I refuse to stay home on a beautiful day. I get bored easily when I stay home and I end up sleeping which is not good for me. I have to go out to keep myself active. The world outside has a lot for me to offer.

What places do I go to? It is obvious that I am always at Off the Grid. I usually go to Fry’s Electronics in Concord, Sun Valley Mall in Pleasant Hill, and Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco. Those places that I go to I find it fun to be at. I do not get bored when I go there. I enjoy walking around trying to keep myself active. I am still young and I go a lot to live for.

Whenever I do not have to work I rather enjoy my days off when I have the chance. I do have a life to live and I want to take full advantage of what I can do to keep myself alive and active.


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