The Beautiful Voice of Castro

I got to hang out with a good friend of mine in the Castro last Friday. I will say that it was a great experience to be in the neighborhood. It’s a busy neighborhood with a lot people (gay or straight) walking around (it is San Francisco which does attract a lot of tourist).

I was helping my friend out by recording a video of her performing to people in the Castro. The video will be use to start her Kickstarter campaign. I am happy that I am helping her out with this campaign. The video will just be her performing in front of people and explaining why she is doing this Kickstarter campaign. It is something that I always wanted to do for her because it is a way to inform people on who she is, I feel that this Kickstarter will be a success raising a lot of money. I am a good friend in helping her out.

What was amazing about recording her out in public were the people that knew who she was. People would approach her by complimenting her how good of a singer she is. One person that approach her called her the voice of Castro. Others call her the face of Castro. She is what makes Castro at night great. She has a great voice and she does delight the people that walk pass by her while she is singing.

I have found videos of my friend performing in the Castro on YouTube, Vine, and Instagram. There are some great photos and videos that I have found but I will admit mines are much better. If you have seen what I have taken on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube it proves that I am amazing on what I do. I know the videos that I have done for my friend will be great for her Kickstarter campaign.

Who is this famous woman that I am talking about will be remain nameless but you’re curious to know who she is just send me a message and I will tell you.


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