February 19th Is The Day SFMOMA Will Get Me

I can not wait for February 19. That day is when I go to the job interview fair at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts. I got my phone interview with them on January 13. I gave them such a give impression of myself that they consider me for two other position beside the one that I apply for. I am pretty amazed that I did a great job over the phone with them.

Am I nervous about the job interview fair? I am aware that the interview maybe a group session or a one-on-one interview. What I need to be prepare for are what they will be asking me and how to impress the people that I mean business. I can be nervous speaking infant of a big crowd of people. I have to speak clearly and loud and to look at everyone that I am speaking to. I do tend to speak softly in which people do not understand what I am saying.

Do I really want the job? I have not apply for any other places when I they invited me to attend their job interview fair. I do want the job with SFMOMA badly. I felt that the experience that I had with Sam’s Club for nine years had paid off and that it should work with SFMOMA. I have excellent customer service in which I can answer any questions and give the best service that I can do. I am familiar with art and I love attending museum around the Bay Area especially the Oakland Museum of California and De Young Museum.

I will prepare myself to do a fantastic job on the interview and make sure that I get the job with them. I refuse to be let down and lose a chance to get the job. I am going to practice on what they are going to ask me and dress to impress them. There is no way I am letting them not hire me.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


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