Izzya The Only Way


A dessert truck that has a meaning behind their name. The name comes from two daughters – Isabelle and Alex. It is a unique decision to name a food truck after their daughters.

Izzya’s Frozen Custard is run by a family form Lafayette – Tom and Tina. Their truck sells Frozen Ice Cream Custard. It is one of the top three dessert trucks to have (Garden Creamery and Lexie’s Frozen Custard are my other two choices).


I first discover Izzya’s around November 2014 when they first started Off the Grid in Concord. It was a dessert truck that I have not seen before. The other dessert truck that I saw at that Off the Grid market was Lexie’s Frozen Custard.

The design of the truck is amazing! Light blue truck with the word Izzya’s in blue, green, and red. It catches the attention of people with the unique color of the truck.

Their ice cream is amazing! Their Ice Cream Sammies are the best (ice cream sandwich with two big cookies and the ice cream in the middle). My favorite is the brownie sundae (frozen custard with brownie and whiskey butterscotch sauce with maple roasted pecans). There was one time that I had their two scoop of vanilla and chocolate on their homemade cone which the people at Off the Grid thought I was insane for having (luckily I manage to finish it with a mess).


This food truck is the first that I try to go to whenever I see them at Off the Grid. I doubt that I have ever miss out on having them. It is one of the best dessert truck that Off the Grid has. Their truck compare to Garden Creamery or Lexie’s Frozen Custard there is no competition.

Rating: Five Stars A+

Izzy’s Frozen Custard

Articles that Izzya’s Frozen Custard was mention
Lamorinda Weekly


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