Ceviche of the Day is Ceviche & Co.


Ceviche & Co. serving the people of Alameda at Off the Grid

I been question by a lot from the people on which food truck do I love to eat. I have eaten at a lot of food trucks at Off the Grid and there is one particular food truck that I love to eat…Ceviche & Co.

Their food is amazing. It was the best meal from any food trucks that I ever had no doubt. I never had amazing empanadas and skewers. It was good and healthy. The best food that I love off of their menu is the Ceviche of the Day which is the fish that they serve for the day with seasonal vegetables, plantain, and corn chips. It is the food that I will definitely eat when I see them at Off the Grid.


Daniel Moncayo, owner of Ceviche & Co serving a customer at Off the Grid Pleasant Hill

When my friend Daniel mention he was starting a food truck business I told him that he needed to get with Off the Grid. He started serving the people at Off the Grid January 2015. HIs first market was Pleasant Hill which he did great. Off the Grid gave him a try out at Alameda, Pleasanton, El Cerrito, Emeryville, and Lake Merritt. They gave him three markets to serve the people (Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and Concord). I wish they would give him the Lake Merritt market because I feel that he would do real well and the only Off the Grid market that has a lot of people attending due to that it is near the Oakland Museum of California.


Ceviche of the Day and Empanadas

How would I rate Ceviche & Co.? Would a five star rating with a grade letter A+ be a great review? I have read the reviews on Yelp which was a fantastic review. I will admit that when it is a beautiful weather without rain the lines can be long and they can run out of food which is a good/bad sign. A food truck that will definitely see me again.

Ceviche & Co.



People waiting in line to get their food at Ceviche & Co.




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