Starting 2016 The Right Direction


I want to start fresh for 2016. I do not want to make the same mistake that I did for 2015 even though there were good experience as well. Here what I want to do to start the new year to a great start.

Here are great stuff that I did for 2015:


I met a great musician Shawn Megofna. His cover of Ed Sheeran is amazing. I only have seen him perform at Off the Grid (North Berkeley, Hayward, Alameda, Walnut Creek, and Fort Mason). He had a great crowd at the Fort Mason Off the Grid in which I manage to get a great video of his performance. He is an establish musician and was feature in a TFC program.


I became a great friend to Lily Holbrook. She is a great musician which I have attended her performance in the Bay Area. I got the chance to hang out with her while she was not performing. It was different hanging out with a musician because I treated her as a normal person…beside giving her the royal service treatment. I acted like a gentleman and not a creep by being an obsessed fan just to hit on her. She is a great friend and I do not want to ruin our friendship. I almost ruin it but I did apologize for my action. She did accept my apology and we became much better friends.

Here are stuff I need to do for 2016:

I am in the process in looking for a new job. My current job is not well. I felt that the company that I work with does not care for their employee. I want to be in a company that if I feel uncomfortable they would do something about it. I been with them for nine years. It is time for me to find a job that I have qualification. I have a good job experience and I also have a college degree. I know that I can get that job if I keep on applying, get the interview and get the job. There should be nobody trying to prevent me from getting it. I am going to stay positive and just do it until it happens.

Let hope 2016 treats me well. Wish me luck everyone.


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