Goals for 2016

What are my goals for 2016? I created a list of what I need to be doing for 2016. The past two years (2014 and 2015) have been good and bad. I need change for 2016 and here what I need to be doing

  • I need to find a better job. My current job has not been great with me and I need to find a better place where I am treated well and they will listen to me on my concerns and not ignore me.
  • I have to learn how to keep balance of my finances. I been spending way too much money and need to learn how to save. I have to learn how to cut back on my expenses.
  • Cut back on Off the Grid. The reason I need to cut back on them is because it been dying and not many good food truck to eat from and the live music performance have not been good. I want to go to Off the Grid when there are great food trucks and great live music. Also I need to stop eating out which I am always at Off the Grid.
  • I want to eat well. My main concern is eating out less and mainly eating at home. I notice that I rarely eat at home. If I eat a homemade food maybe I would have no high cholesterol.
  • To become a great friend to a certain woman that I will leave un-named. I been helping her out by giving her a ride to places. I felt this woman deserves attention but not too much. I am willing to do much for her but I need to learn to limit my service.

Hopefully this will happen in 2016. I felt that 2014 and 2015 did not guarantee me any of this and I want this to happen to me badly. Let hope for the best and not another let down.


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