What is PostSecret? Frank Warren created a ongoing mail art project in which people mail in their secret anonymously on a homemade postcard which he puts on his website weekly. Most of the postcards are also posted on his PostSecret books. And museum exhibits across the United States.

I saw Frank Warren do a speech to an audience at Sonoma State University in 2010. My friend made me drive up to Rohnert Park to see him speak. I will admit it was worth the drive to go see him. There were plenty of people that told audience about their secret including suicide and other secret that were never told. I was move by the people that had the courage to tell their secret.

I think it is finally time to tell you my PostSecret. It is a secret that I only told a few people.

The reason I do not hold a long conversation toward people is that I am afraid that I would be a joke. I am afraid that my life story about myself may not be exciting as everyone else because I have not done much exciting activities like sky diving, traveling across the Untied States, or build a Gingerbread House. I felt like I have not achieve any excitement like other people have because I mainly been focusing on working, finding a new job, and just making a living out of life.

Who would want to hear me tell stories about me going to Off the Grid on a daily basis or how my job at Sam’s Club has been taking a toll on my health. Those are what my daily activities are. I use to just go to Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, and San Francisco Zoo weekly to clear my mind and to take pictures of the scenic. I do not think people would be interested in hearing that.

I like hearing people’s life story because it is interesting. Telling them my life story I rather keep it to myself. I just don’t have to courage to open up to people about myself. Probably a lot of my friends think I am a private person. I like to keep things to myself.

The only people that knew about this are my Psychologist who I have not seen for years because the session was getting too expensive and my best friend. It took me years to tell my best friend my life story.

It took me awhile to finally admit why I seem to be too quiet but I am not. I do talk but I just do not want to talk about my life. Not to be boring but I just don’t want to be a joke.


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