I Am Such An Awesome Friend

What I wrote on this blog I did not mention the name of the person or the organization just to keep this a secret. I just wanted to respect the person by keeping her name out of this.

What I did on Wednesday Night was so amazing that I thought I would have never done it. It was an out of a blue experience that I had to trust my instinct and take a chance. I just felt I did the right thing and I can not believe that I did it. You could call it a YOLO (You Only Live Once).

After I got off from work at six in the evening I drove up to Fremont to make sure that a good friend of mine would be OK. Originally I was not going to go up to Fremont due to traffic but I took a big chance to do it. Luckily I did not hit any traffic going to Fremont.

My friend was not feeling well. Her voice was breaking and I could barely hear her singing.  I did not tell her she was not sounding great because I was being too nice to her. There were certain point when I was there she wanted to throw up because her stomach was not feeling well. Luckily that did not happen. Thankfully I was there to be a big help because I gave her a ride home after her performance was over for the evening.

I kept on thinking about her the entire Tuesday and Wednesday while I was at work. If I did not go then she would be stranded and I would feel very awful. Luckily it was the best decision that I ever done and it surely did pay off..

That is what good friends do. We have to worry for each other. If I was not a good friend then I would be a douchebag which I refuse to become. People say I have a good heart. I am a great friend. That makes me an awesome friend and people know that I am awesome.


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