35 Facts About Me

Since I have turn 35 I thought I should do 35 facts about me. I will try not to be so random about it.

  1. I have taken photography in high school and in college
  2. Lived in Hercules since February 1988
  3. I used to play the piano in high school and college
  4. I dated a UC Berkeley student 2000-2002
  5. The longest I have been friends with a woman is 16 years (1999-present)
  6. It took me ten years to get into San Francisco State University after high school
  7. Had a near fatal incident that occur on my birthday 2013
  8. On my birthday in 2010 I walk across from the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco to Marin. Something I never done before until that day
  9. I hate sunflower seeds
  10. I was on the Ten O’clock News KTVU2 when the San Francisco Giants won the 2014 World Series Championship
  11. When the San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World Series Championship I was volunteering at the International Hotel Manilatown Center
  12. When the San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series Championship I was cutting my evening class at SFSU to watch them at Costco
  13. All my fours years at SFSU I was commuting from Hercules and working in Concord
  14. I had a huge crush on my SFSU lecturer, which her name will not be reveal
  15. While I was attending SFSU I was going to NIghtLife at the California Academy of Science every Thursday
  16. While I was attending SFSU I was going to San Francisco Zoo in between classes
  17. I met Lynn Chen at a Film Festival shown in Castro Theatre.
  18. My first gay experience occur in 2002. My co-worker wanted to have sex with me, which I turn him down cold turkey
  19. I have been in two statewide journalism competition (2000, 2001)
  20. When I took a two weeks leave of absent from my job in May 2014 I never left my house.
  21. My ‪36th Anniversary of the I Hotel Eviction Commemoration video  was shown at a convention in Los Angeles 2014
  22. I own two Nikon DSLR cameras (D5200 and D5300)
  23. My first Off the Grid music performance was the Heartache Sister July 2013
  24. I spend my birthday in 2014 at Off the Grid Burlingame
  25. My birthday 2009 my class at SFSU was cancel
  26. My Facebook page was created at the library at SFSU May 2013
  27. I was not suppose to live at the age of 33 due to high cholesterol. That almost happen October 2013
  28. When I got into SFSU I was a journalism major but switch to Asian American Studies after the death of Ronald Takaki
  29. The day of my graduation commencement at SFSU I was watching Hangover III
  30. When I started attending Off the Grid the company thought I was working for media. The owner ask me if I was involve with any press.
  31. Twice in one full college year I was involve with SFSU Asian American Studies reunion dinner.
  32. I was involve with SFSU AAS graduation banquet in May 2015
  33. I refuse to drink alcohol due to family problem with it
  34. Right before I major in Asian American Studies I was coining myself as Filipino American and Asian American in my applications
  35. I became a vegetarian due to a friend pressuring me into eating healthy

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