35 and Feeling Fine

My 35th Birthday was amazing! I have to say that I have really good friends and parents that care for me. I can not thank them for celebrating my 35th Birthday with me. My friend Jenny actually took me out for a birthday lunch on Monday instead of Wednesday because she had to work on my birthday. We ate at a Thai restaurant in Albany which was great. My parents took me out for a birthday lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Pinole. It was awesome because it was a Chinese restaurant that I love going to. What was sad was that my parents felt out of place at the restaurant because they rarely eat away from home. They did not know that there were different menu for lunch and a la cart. Thankfully they knew what to order at the restaurant. My friend Lily took me to a nice Ethiopian restaurant in San Francisco. It was amazing. I love eating Ethiopian food which I rarely have. A place that I can eat healthy and had vegetarian option. I appreciate that I hang out with Lily. She is a great woman and a awesome best friend.

There was a big announcement that I was going to mention to everyone. The first announcement was that I step down as a organizer of a Meetup group. It was the right decision because I did not have any time to do any meetings. I felt like I was not getting any help from my group on doing any activities for us to do. I did offer any help but no one took it. Whenever I did a meetup nobody RSVP to come. It was a better if I stop organizing any meetups.

The second announcement that I had was that I decided not to attend way too much Off the Grid. It was time that I lesser my attendance because I felt I was not notice for my gratitude of showing up on a daily basic. People from Off the Grid know who I am but how come I was not offer a job with them? If a company heard nice things about me they would offer me a chance to join them.I been applying with the company for awhile now and they turn me down for someone else. Also the decision to attend less Off the Grid is because the live music performance has not been great. There are awesome musicians at Off the Grid that I enjoy watching. There are some that do not get my attention. Also their speakers have not been great. I been hearing bad audio coming out. It not great for musician performing with a speakers that are awful. Not only does it make the musicians feel uncomfortable but the people would watch them perform would be upset. As a audience I would appreciate hearing something good coming out of the speakers instead of something that would make me go deaf.

Also there is another reason why I am lesser my attendance at Off the Grid. I am trying to eat healthy. What that means is I am going to give being a vegetarian a shot. Most of the food trucks at Off the Grid are not vegetarian friendly. There are some trucks that has a menu for vegetarian. Certain days not one food truck has options for vegetarian. It is a hard decision that I have to do for myself.

Let hope I can keep my word on being healthy and not going way too much to Off the Grid. 35 is starting right for me.


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