Addicted To Food Trucks

DSC_0036People have been questioning me on why I attend Off the Grid. I will admit I do go to Off the Grid on a daily basic and spending way too much money on the food trucks. I enjoy the food trucks that been serving the community. There are plenty of food trucks of different types that I enjoy eating from.

DSC_0048I gotten to know the people that work for Off the Grid and the food trucks that are there. Everybody knows me by name and they appreciate that I come. What funny also is that I gotten to meet family members of the people that work at Off the Grid and the food trucks. People bring their families to Off the Grid and I have gotten to meet them. It is a great experience meeting people at these markets. I can not deny that I am having fun.

DSC_0085Secondly I enjoy listening to the live music that Off the Grid offers. I have met a lot of local musicians and I appreciate the music they play in front of a live crowd. If I did not go to Off the Grid I would had not met Michele Kappel-Stone, Borrowed Trouble, Planet Loop, or even Lily Holbrook. I owe Off the Grid for having them play at their market.

DSC_0005How many Off the Grid markets have I gone to? I have been to Serremonte, El Cerrito, Upper Haight, North Berkeley, Pleasant Hill, Burlingame, Pleasant Hill, Belmont, Lake Merritt, Alameda, Hayward, Emeryville, Uptown Oakland, Walnut Creek, Concord, and lots more markets I can not list. I go far distance to attend a Off the Grid market.

CSC_0159I would love to work for Off the Grid. It looks like a great company to be involve with. I would love if they were to hire me. I do go to their markets a lot and they know me well. It would be a great honor to work with them. All they have to do is ask for me to join them and I would accept the offer on the spot.



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