My 30th Birthday from October 7, 2010


When I turned 30 on October 2010 my friend Jenny and I spend a day together celebrating my birthday. A day that was out of the blue and unexpected. We went to Berkeley, Sausalito, and San Francisco in one day. Crossing bridges like the Richmond-San Rafael, Golden Gate Bridge, and Bay Bridge. It was a great day to hang with Jenny.

Jenny and I had breakfast at Bette’s Dinner in Berkeley. We had big fluffy pancakes that were popular at the diner. I manage to finish mine, which made me stuffed. Afterward we found a store that had lots of reptiles. We saw a snake engulf a rat right in front of us, which was awesome. A store nearby gave us free My Jones drink which I appreciated.

Our trip to the Bay Model in Sausalito was a bust. The place was being remodeled. The models did not have any water running and the only things that Jenny and I saw were fishes swimming in the tank. I felt that it was a bad decision to go there.

Afterward we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge I did something that I thought I would never do. I cross the Golden Gate Bridge by foot. I walk from one side of the Golden Gate from San Francisco to the Marin side and back. A 90-minute walk across a bridge that I did not think it took a long time. I had my friend Jenny with me. She scared the crap out while we were walking on the bridge. Each time a plane flew over the Golden Gate she had me take a picture while people were passing by me. Note that the day of my birthday Fleet Week was happening and they had plane practicing in the air showing off. I was not comfortable stopping on a bridge that was above water especially with cars passing by. It was a great experience that I did not think I would ever do.

We tried to find out where the planes/jets along the Pier in downtown San Francisco which we were unlucky to find. The walk along Fishermen Wharf and Pier 39 was good. We had dinner at a pizzeria, which had a small buffet and a nice view of the city in Pier 39. Jenny and I had a nice dinner, which I can not complain. She is my best friend and it was nice of her to come along for my 30th.

My 30th birthday turn out to be good. I did accept the facts that I was getting older and was past my prime. I would never forget that experience I had when I turn 30 years old and I had my best friend Jenny along with me.


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