Turning 33 and Never Forgetting That Day


This is a blog that is very personal to me. It is something that nobody has known that happen to me almost two years ago. I felt it was time to explain what happen to me on October 7, 2013.

Did you know that on my 33rd birthday my parents thought I was dying? It was an unusual day to wake up on your birthday. Not the birthday present you expected to get on your birthday. Thank goodness I am alive to tell the story.

October 7, 2013 I woke up with a shooting pain on my right side of my body from where my neck and arm. I could barely turn around on my bed. The way I got out of bed was to drag myself out using my legs and left arm. Luckily I was laying down on my back instead of my side for me to drag out of bed. Thankfully the strength on my left arm surely help me out of bed.

My mom saw how much pain I was in. She freak out thinking that I had a stroke. I would had not gotten up if I had a stroke. Oddly my mom did not even tried calling 911 if I was having a stroke. I would not blame my mom on thinking I had a stroke. I did have some of the symptoms of a stroke. The only two that were missing was face drooping and difficulty of speech.

Luckily the doctor was able to see me in the afternoon. My mom drove me to the Doctor’s Office to have me check up since I was unable to drive. The doctor said that the pain was cause by the way I was sleeping. I slept the wrong way meaning that the way I slept probably cause a lot of pressure on my right side a lot of pain. The doctor just prescribe me Baclofen and Ibuprofen until the pain went away. The pain was gone within eight days.

Thankfully that day I woke up in pain I did not have to go to work nor did I have to go to school. It was my day off in which I was suppose to celebrate my 33rd birthday with my best friend. She understood that I was in pain and just wanted me to rest until I was well then she would treat me out for a birthday celebration.

It was a close call of having a stroke. I would not forget that day when I turn 33 years old and woke up in pain. I think from the experience I watch what I was eating and slept the proper way. I learn to take good care of myself. Thankfully the following year I did not experience the same situation.

Life is too short to end. My theory is to live life to the fullest because I am still young and there is a lot for me to do.


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