Lily Holbrook: Music Sung By An Angel

11229424_10155801943030521_5503115353234593388_oIt was June 2014 I went to an event that I attended on a weekly basic outside Serremonte Center called Off the Grid. I was there enjoying the delicious food trucks and it was my Tuesday Night Out to have a fun time after working an 8 hour shift. That day was a bit different compare to the other Tuesday that I have gone. It was the first time in a long time that there was no foggy weather and there was a sun in the sky. Somehow I discover a pretty face with sunglasses and a voice of an angel singing to a crowd that were probably eating their food. That person happen to be Lily Holbrook.

I found her music amazing. A beautiful voice like an angel. What I did not know was that she was already famous. She has three albums out and was in a rock opera that was shown at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. She was also feature in a documentary talking about street musicians. There are articles written about her that I did not think I could find. Her songs can also be found on iTunes, Pandora and Spotify. Somehow I luck in on finding someone famous.

I manage to get a hold of all three of her albums thanks to her. I listen to every single songs from those albums and all of them were wonderful to listen to. Most of her songs told a story. Her singing was amazing. Strong elegant vocals that would catch attention.

I already gone to her performances at 50 Mason Social House and Neck of the Woods. Her live performances are amazing as well. You would say that I am a big fan of hers and have mostly gone to all of her performances.

The question that a lot of people are wondering is why do I come to all of her performances compare to other musicians that I have seen. I guess is because I gotten to know her better. Her and I became good friends. She is really a great singer and I want to become that great friend in supporting her. I am friends with other musicians that I have seen at venues in the Bay Area but Lily is the one. I think I am lucky that she appreciate my company when I watch her perform.


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