Life After San Francisco State University

It been a long time since I use WordPress as a blog site. I can not believe that my account on WordPress is still active. The last time that I use this was back in Spring 2013…two years ago. I just could not believe I how I mange to find out that I still had this through Google. I guess the power of Google can find anything.


What has life been after San Francisco State University: to sum it up is difficult. I thought I would have a successful life finding that great job but it did not happen to me. I am going to list what been going on with me

  • I am still at my job with Sam’s Club. I am about to go on ninth year with the company which I truly want to move onto better things in life. Let just say that staying with a company that long can put a lot on my health.


  • I left the International Hotel Manilatown Center after I finish my final semester at San Francisco State University in December 2013. I was expecting them to get a hold of me but when the center coordinator Matthew left, it went through changes. They elected a new board members which they forgot that I existed and did a lot of help with the events. I lost touch with the people that I knew from the center. I wish they did get a hold of me for any help but it never happen.


  • I got addicted in attending Off the Grid. My first market was at Serremonte in May 2013. Afterward they open on in El Cerrito July 2013 in which I got to meet the people that work for Off the Grid, the food vendors, and musicians. It was so addicting that I attended brand new markets that were opening in the Bay Area and driving far distance to attend them. I became a regular at Off the Grid and the company declare me as their number one fan. Off the Grid is my addiction but also a way to escape the stress that been happening from Sam’s Club. I been question a lot from Off the Grid why I attend them on a daily basic and I give them the same answer every time that I enjoy coming for support.


  • Speaking of Off the Grid I met a great musician Lily Holbrook. First time I saw her was in June 2014 in Serremonte. Oddly that day was unusual because it was sunny…something that rarely happens in Daly City.  I did not see her again until October 2014…two days after my 34th birthday at Upper Haight. We kept in touch through Facebook and I been attending her performance just for moral support. Put it this way, I am her photographer and volunteer manager. It is a great friendship that her and I have.

Pretty much sum up with been going on with me. As for doing blogs on a weekly basic I would love to do it again if I knew what to write about.


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