My Latest Update On Me

What is going on with me? How is life treating me? The question that people been asking me. Not a good start to a blog explaining on what been going on with me.

I been going through a lot with my job. I been working for Sam’s Club for 10 years and I been noticing changes that I am not happy about. The short staffing and demanding have been getting to me where I am always frustrated. A workplace should be great and not awful while working. I feel that it is time for me to leave that company and move onto a better place. Working 10 years at Sam’s Club I feel that I have gotten a lot of experience that I could apply anywhere to get a job. Apparently the places I have apply at do not feel my qualification would fit their job. I am applying for places that I fit their needs but perhaps I need to prove them that I want the job. It is something I need to show places and people around me that I want it.

As of late while I am not working I am at home sleeping the entire day. It is good to catch up on sleep but I feel I am wasting my day not doing anything. I love to keep myself busy by doing something. I am an active person that refuse to do nothing.

Hopefully I can keep up mentioning what been going on with me. It hard to find out what to mention in my blog.

Ceviche & Co. Social Media Specialist

Alameda 022517-1

If you’re not aware of it I will tel you. For the past months I been doing social media for Ceviche & Co. What I been doing is posting advertisement, photos, and schedules on where the food truck will be at on their Facebook page. I will say that their Facebook page has been getting attention. People been liking what is posted on their Facebook.

Alameda 022517-2

It is a difficult job on what to post on the page. I have to be creative on catching attention. On the advertisement is one of the foods that Ceviche & Co. serves. I want people to see what food the truck serves and say something about the food that will catch attention. What I have learn about creating advertisement is to inform people what this business does. If I just post a photo without description then it won’t get attention. Pictures with a description on what the food is will get attention.

Lake Merritt

I enjoy doing this for Daniel and Xavier. They appreciate the hard work that I do for them. They take care of me by feeding me as a way of paying me. I enjoy their food compare to other food trucks that I see at Off the Grid.


I hope that Ceviche & Co. stay in business for another year and longer. Their food truck is amazing. People would be disappointed if they decide to go out of business. People that go to the Presidio in San Francisco and Oakland Museum of California love them. I can not make the call for Daniel and Xavier but I hope they can keep their food truck in business.

Wednesday 032917 2

You Do Not Know What I Been Going Through

I been having people telling me how lazy I am and I do not work hard to make myself better. From family members and friends telling me that I am not doing better with my life it is sad to hear that. People do not know what I go through on a daily basis.

I do have a Bachelor of Arts in Asian American Studies from San Francisco State University. I thought when I graduated from SFSU I would get a job helping the community. Apparently that did not happen after getting my degree. My friend Matthew at International Hotel Manilatown Center left at the end of 2013. I thought he would help me look for a job in San Francisco but he was busy with his job at Chinatown Community Development Center.

When I ask for help looking for a job from people that I know they refuse to help me out. They felt that I did not have the qualification for any job which is very mess up. I felt I got many qualifications that are not mention in paper but I know I could do it.

Apparently last September after my 10 year anniversary at Sam’s Club I got promoted in Accounting/Cash Office. It was a department that I did not think I would qualify for. After 6 months in the office I prove myself wrong. I became my own boss by supervising Front End associates on the register making sure that they had enough money in their register. I even became a supervisor on the side by answer member’s questions. I never thought I could be good counting money and keeping track on how much the company makes.

I feel that I can do a lot of stuff that I did not know I could do. I need to prove places that I apply for that I can do it. They need to know that I can do it if given a chance. I felt that the places that I apply at do not see how good I can be with their company.

Ceviche & Co. knows that I am a big help with their food truck. Daniel, the owner of the food truck gave me a chance to post photos and promote their food truck on Facebook and Twitter.  It gotten a lot of attention when people liking what I posted on Facebook. People that check out Facebook love what I post.

I am applying for job that I feel I can do. I need to prove them that I mean business when I want the job. I am making sure that my resume and cover letter do not have any errors. I want to prove these places that I want to work for them. It is not easy finding a job these days. I want to move up in the world and I am doing whatever it takes to move up.

I Want To Do More Of This

I am going to confess something. I will admit I enjoy watching my friends perform. On Friday I watch a great performance at two different venues. I never felt excited going to an event that my friend is performing and cheer on for her. I want to do more of it if possible.


Friday Night I saw Tammy Byerly perform at two different venue (Inkling Coffee & Tea and Cellar Door). I will admit her performance was amazing! Inking Coffee & Tea was better than Cellar Door but I enjoy the songs she sang at Cellar Door than Inkling Coffee & Tea. Not only did I take pictures of her performance I also did a Facebook Live thanks to the wifi at Inkling Coffee & Tea. I felt that I should had recorded a video on my Nikon but I did not bother to bring my equipment that I use to record. Next time Tammy performs I will be prepare and ready to shoot a video.

I been doing digital photography since October 2007. I did not take full advantage of my skills until March 2012 when I volunteer at the International Hotel Manilatown Center in San Francisco. I have to thank Matthew Lew for giving me the chance to be a big help with the center. Without him I would not be notice by others in the community and people. After I was done with Manilatown in November 2013 I been following musicians at Off the Grid taking pictures of them. That also got me notice by them which I got invited to their events. I will also thank musician like Michele Kappel-Stone, Planet Loop, Borrowed Trouble, Rafael Sarria, and Lily Holbrook for noticing me. I will confess that I been following Lily Holbrook music a lot becoming her biggest fan ever!


I love doing photography and videos of live performance. I want to do this as a career but I felt that places I apply for would not take me. My only portfolio is what on the internet like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. I know for sure my friends appreciate the hard work that I do for them. I want to continue what I am trying passionate about. I am aware what I am doing may not support me with money but it is something I love to do.

Tammy Byerly – Two Venues In One Night

I had a great Friday Evening watching Tammy Byerly perform at two different venue in one night. Luckily the two places (Inking Coffee & Tea and Cellar Door) she perform at were not far apart from each other and I was able to walk a short distance. I did not expect to go to Pleasanton Friday Evening but I went anyways. It was worth the drive and I watch a great performance.

I saw Tammy perform twice in one week. I watch her perform to a big crowd on Wednesday at Off the Grid in Pleasant Hill. She was wonderful with little children approaching her while she was singing. Oddly I had recorded her perform which was alright.

Her performance at both Inking Coffee & Tea and Cellar Door were great! I did manage to do a Facebook Live video of two songs (Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash and Landslide by Fleetwood Mac) from a Samsung Galaxy Tab A at Inking Coffee & Tea. I should had done the video on my Nikon D5300 but I did not bring my equipment that I use to record videos due to fearing I would not be allow to do video.

I notice a difference of the two venues that she perform at. Her Cellar Door performance she was singing songs that I never heard her sing before. Oddly she sang a lot of more songs at Cellar Door compare to Inking Coffee & Tea.

Tammy Byerly is an A+ musician. She is now in my list of musicians to watch. I hope she will get a record deal which I will definitely buy her CD and hopefully Spotify, ITunes, and Pandora will feature her.


I did something on Wednesday which I planned for a while and it went well. I came up with a date 02·22·17 which was Wednesday February 22, 2017. It was a date that I appear at Off the Grid Pleasant Hill.

I attended Off the Grid Pleasant Hill because Ceviche & Co and Curbside Kitchen was serving and also that Tammy Byerly of Black Pack was performing. It was a cold clear beautiful Wednesday. It did not rain, Ceviche & Co and Curbside Kitchen did alright and Tammy Byerly performance was OK.

I am planning to attend Off the Grid Pleasant Hill on March 8th. Ceviche & Co will be there and Tammy Byerly will be perform again. I am hoping the weather will be great again and that Tammy will do a great job. Perhaps there could be a video recording of her performance. I’ll be prepare when the day happens.


Tammy Byerly


Sidewalk Fries from Curbside Kitchen


What’s Going On?

What is going on with today’s world? I sworn every morning when I wake up I am reading horrible news. It is on TV and Internet that I am getting my daily news from. It like each morning there is news that Donald Trump signing a executive order. Is there anything good on the media beside bullshit?

When I woke up this morning there was an article about Lady Gaga Halftime performance. People disliked it due to not being political and a horrible performance. I felt that her Halftime performance was great. It was not the best Halftime performance ever but it was great where she did performances out of the blue. Her outfit and dance chorography were great. People were expecting Lady Gaga to go out singing about politics. There might be hidden messages in her songs. All I was paying attention was her performance and what acts she was going to do during her performance. I may not got any of the hidden messages during the performance but it was a great Halftime Show.

I will admit that I did not watch the Super Bowl because I was not rooting for the New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons. I did not even bother watching the game. Why watch a football game in which I do not follow either team. I was playing WWE 2K17 on the PlayStation 4, watching Star Trek on BBC America, and having dinner with a friend while the Super Bowl was on.

I will confess that I get my daily news from Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and on television. I want to know what is going on today’s world. There is a lot going on in the world today and I want to pay attention on what goes on including what the weather is going to be like for today and the entire week and which sport team is playing today.

Here is a side note that I want to explain: I do not just write blogs to type what on my mind. When I am doing blogs I want to see how much improvement my typing skills has gotten. Ever since I graduated from college in 2013 I have not type much because there is nothing to type about and turn in. I love typing and seeing how much typing I can do. I always wanted to become a writer but I find it hard what to type about. People notice my construction being not in the right order with spelling errors, grammar, and fragments. Sometimes I do not read what I type up and my readers do not understand what I am saying. People do not have to read what I type up but I enjoy what I produce on a daily or weekly basis.

I will keep up to date on my blogs. I just need to figure out what I want to type about.