Ukulenny at Hula Hoops 1.19.19


Every time I take a photo of him, I get more better. I just have this Midas touch. It is probably the line I will use every time I take a picture of Ukulenny performance.

I manage to attend his performance at Hula Hoops Restaurant & Tiki Bar in South San Francisco January 19. An hour drive from Concord to South San Francisco was worth it. I made his performance on time without having a hard time finding parking.

I enjoyed his performance which I stayed for the two hours. A lot of people attended the restaurant and I manage to get a seat at the bar with Grilled Pork BBQ thanks to Ukulenny. I will say that this performance was much better than the other one from earlier this month due to me moving around taking a picture of him while he was performing. I will say that I had a lot of room to move around compare to earlier in the month which I was limited with space to move.

It is amazing that I was able to come see his performance at Hula Hoops within the same month. It shows you how much of a fan and friend to Ukulenny. I am willing to go a far distance to watch him perform.

I will do my best to attend more of his performance as long I can find the time. I got the time to attend his performance but it is location where he is performing. This man is definitely Bay Area Talent.



Lendl San Jose/Ukulenny


Planet Loop – Five Years of Following Their Music


Before there was Lily Holbrook and Ukulenny, there was Carrie Jahde and Michael Schaller of Planet Loop.

Here is band that I been following for five years now. I discover Planet Loop at Off the Grid in El Cerrito January 2014. I been watching them perform in El Cerrito and Alameda Off the Grid. I have seen them perform at Jupiter in Berkeley and Beercafe & Bottleshop in Walnut Creek. Every month I would catch this band perform at Off the Grid in El Cerrito.

Carrie Jahde and Michael Schaller are Planet Loop. An instrumental band that is amazing. A band that been performing at Off the Grid for a while. They perform elsewhere like Drake’s Brewery Taproom in San Leandro, Cornerstone Taproom in Berkeley, and Jupiter Brewery in Berkeley.

I will say that Planet Loop was the first band that I follow and watch them perform monthly. Before I started to watch Lily Holbrook and Rafael Sarria I watch Planet Loop. Heartache Sisters and Borrowed Trouble were another band that I watch perform at Off the Grid but it was Planet Loop that I saw on a monthly basis. Carrie and Michael appreciate that I show up monthly at Off the Grid to watch them perform.

Ever since January 2014 I have plenty of photos of Planet Loop on Facebook and Instagram including video of their performance on YouTube. They are what made my Facebook page get people’s attention and YouTube Channel most watch.

I will continue to show support to Planet Loop. I just need to see them perform anywhere else beside Off the Grid.

Planet Loop

Ukulenny Hula Hoops 01.04.19


I manage to attend Ukulenny performance at Hula Hoops Restaurant & Tiki Bar in South San Francisco after I got off from work. An hour drive from Concord to South San Francisco which was great due to less congestive traffic. I was able to go to Costco Business Center in South San Francisco and Costco near San Francisco International Airport before seeing his performance at 7 (Costco Hot Dog are amazing). I was unable to get a seat at Hula Hoops but I was able to get a snack at Quickly and coffee at Philz.


I enjoyed Ukulenny performance which I stayed for two hours. It was a great performance which a lot of people that were at the restaurant enjoyed it. His performance was amazing compare to the others that I have attend. This guy was playing multiple instrument. A musician that can do it all.


I will admit it was a far distance to cross the Bay Bridge to see Ukulenny performing. I should watch him perform if he was nearby like El Cerrito or Pleasant Hill but driving a far distance with traffic is worth the drive. He is a great musician with a lot of talent. Thankfully he is performing constantly.


I will attend more of Ukulenny performance in the future as long I can find the time to commute a far distance. This man is a Bay Area Talent

Lendl San Jose/Ukulenny 

La Gente Independence Day


My 4th of July was amazing! I attended the the worldOne Festival held at Cerrito Vista Park in El Cerrito. My friend Rafael Sarria and his band La Gente performed to a huge crowd. I will tell you that the crowd enjoyed their music. I have seen people dancing while they were performing. Never have I seen a crowd that got into the music.


I will tell you that I took so many photos it is not a joke. It was about over 300 photos that I have taken of La Gente. I did move around getting different angle of the band performing on stage. Most of the photos that I took had people’s head in the way.


I did enjoy watching La Gente perform. What I also enjoy was that I took so many pictures that I still want to continue my photography. I will confess it has been awhile since I gone to an event and taken a lot of pictures. I want to continue doing it if I can find an event in the Bay Area that isn’t a long commute.

I will still support Rafael Sarria and La Gente music. Next time they perform I will do my best to attend it.

La Gente

Three Amazing Musician(s) Within One Week

I have disappeared on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for a while. As of late I been taking a sabbatical on social media due to work. Also, I do not know what to say anymore!

Within one week I have seen three musician(s) perform within three days. These musician(s) I have follow their music for the last few years and I do my best to attend their events. Of course, I have taken photo of them and I have posted it on Facebook and Instagram. The photos are the best ones that I have taken.


Tammy Byerly performing at Walnut Creek Farmer’s Market May 27, 2018

May 27th, I went down to Walnut Creek Farmer’s Market to see Tammy Byerly perform. I only stay there at least 25 minutes due to me being at work afterward. She did a good performance which I saw a few people that sat down to watch her sing. She was live on Twitch at the same time she was performing.


Bob and Lenny Show performing at Oakland Museum of California June 1, 2018

June 1st, I went down to the Oakland Museum of California after work to see Lendl San Jose and Robert Frazier, Bob and Lenny Show perform. It was a shocker for me because I inform them that I was not able to attend their performance but somehow, I manage to find a way to get out of work early and got straight down to Oakland to see them perform. Luckily, I was able to find parking and have Ceviche & Co for dinner.


Wesley Woo performing at Off the Grid Alameda June 2, 2018

June 2nd, I went down to Alameda South Shore Center to see Wesley Woo perform at Off the Grid. Originally it was supposed to be his band, Trace Repeat performing. Wesley did a good job going solo.

I have to admit I did a good job taking pictures of these great musician(s). It was good that I saw them perform. I been wanting to see them perform and I did find the time to watch them. Hopefully again I will see them perform.

Tammy Byerly

Bob and Lenny Show

Wesley Woo

Send Me Word When You Get Back


Jeremy Hatch Send Me Word When You Get Back

A blog dedicated to a musician that I been following since January 2014.

I got an advance copy of Jeremy Hatch album, “Send Me Word When You Back”. I manage to listen the entire album, every single song that was on the CD. It was a great album that Jeremy has produce. What I enjoy about this album was that it included a song book which had lyrics to the songs. It was a good extra that was included with the CD.

I met Jeremy Hatch when his band Borrowed Trouble perform at Off the Grid Concord January 2014 (I actually recorded a video of the performance). What I did not know was that he was already a solo artist before Borrowed Trouble. I found old YouTube videos floating around of his performance. He played with other musicians mostly instrumental.


Jeremy Hatch performing at Off the Grid Hayward August 14, 2017

I have follow his solo project on Facebook. On June 2016 he launch a Kickstarter to raise money to fund his album “Send Me Word When You Get Back”.  Within one month it his Kickstarter reach its goal and people were still pledging.

I see Jeremy Hatch continue as a great musician. I enjoy his songs which could be included into a movie soundtrack. I am going to continue following his music and hopefully I can attend his performance. No doubt Jeremy Hatch is the musician to listen to.

Jeremy Hatch

Lily Holbrook, Music Sensation


Lily Holbrook performing at Hotel Utah Saloon March 15, 2018

I saw Lily Holbrook perform at Hotel Utah Saloon Thursday March 15. Her performance was an hour late due to a miscommunication with the place (details will not be mention). I enjoy watching her performance even though she only sang 3-4 songs under 30 minutes.

I enjoy coming out to see Lily perform. I am her biggest fan since 2014. I have follow her music, where she is performing, and her on Facebook/Instagram. I even pledge to her Kickstarter and Patreon. I am very supported of her music. My YouTube Channel and Facebook page has so many videos and photos of her. I guess I could be officially in charge of putting out her name on the internet.

I cannot wait for her two albums to come out in 2018. It been ten years since she has release an album. I know people who have seen her perform live will be excited to get her albums. Lily is the American Idol of San Francisco.

What to expect when her two albums come out? For sure she’ll be going on tour to promote her album and perform live across the country. I would love to see Neck of the Woods, Hotel Utah Saloon, or even Great American Music Hall to have her perform. A Lily Holbrook Appreciation concert is long overdue. Lily is a star and people love watching her perform. She’ll be on TV eventually because everybody would want to book her to perform.

Lily Holbrook music will continue to get people’s attention.

Golden Gate Gyro


Mixed Gyro

A food truck from Concord that serves gyros? You got to be kidding me. Where do people come up with a food truck that makes amazing gyros? Golden Gate Gyro is the truck that serves amazing gyro in the 925 area code.

I discover this small trailer at a Off the Grid market in Pittsburg 2017. I seen it at Off the Grid in Pleasant Hill, and Taste of the World in Walnut Creek and Orinda. I never tried them out until recently. I heard from other food vendors that Golden Gate Gyro has the best gyros compare to other food truck, GyroStop.

I had the Mixed Gyro (Chicken and Lamb). I have to say this gyro was amazing. I just love how good my gyro was plus it was huge with lots of sauce which was alright with me. Luckily I did not make a mess while eating it.

I read their review on Yelp which was fantastic. Rarely anyone who ha their food gave the trailer a bad review. If they did give the trailer a bad review then they should have them again.

Golden Gate Gyro surely got a chance to be a successful food truck in the Bay Area. If you see them at Off the Grid, Taste of the World or Food Truck Mafia have them for lunch or dinner.


Golden Gate Gyro

Friday Night Was Totally Alright

After spending a lot of Fridays home doing nothing I finally got out of the house to go to two different places. It was worth going to two places in one night because I enjoy the drive and also that there was not traffic on the freeway on the places I was heading to.

Oakland Museum of California and Off the Grid


I has been since October 2017 that I been to Oakland Museum of California. The main reason why I have not gone for the last few Fridays was that I got tired of attending the museum where I end up seeing the same exhibit every single Friday. I been getting easily bored attending the museum if there is not a new exhibit every week. There is live music with bands performing but if I want to go tour around the museum I do not want to see the exact same exhibit that I seen the previous Friday.

Another reason why I have not attended the Oakland Museum of California was that Ceviche & Co. is not during the Winter season with Off the Grid. The food truck is taking a break during the Winter season due to their market being slow. The Winter season with Off the Grid is slow due to the cold weather and less people wanting to attend the market. The Oakland Museum does get a lot of people attending every Friday Night but the other markets that Off the Grid does they do not attract people.

I went to the Oakland Museum of California because I thought the Sweet Spot was going to be there. Apparently the Sweet Spot already had an event in Sacramento which they could not back out of so they cancel their appearance at the museum. Luckily Senor Sisig and J-Shack were outside the museum.

IMG_20180126_180918_185 IMG_20180126_180918_177

I been eating Señor Sisig ever since I was a student at San Francisco State University in 2012. I been following their food truck when they started doing a market with Off the Grid in Serremonte in 2013. I eat their food truck whenever I get a chance to not wait in a long line. People love eating their food which causes a long line at the Serremonte, Upper Haight, Fort Mason, Lake Merritt, and Alameda market. Their food can easily make you full.

IMG_20180126_180918_195 IMG_20180126_180918_216

I love eating J-Shack. Their dessert crepe is amazing! It is worth trying if you see the dessert truck anywhere in the Bay Area. I first saw this dessert truck at Off the Grid Milbrae in 2014. Each time I see them at Off the Grid I would have them. They are really hard to find due to them only doing limited Off the Grid market.

Lily Holbrook performing at Hotel Utah Saloon


Her first performance in 2018 and Lily Holbrook had an amazing performance at Hotel Utah Saloon. I was in the crowd right in front of her taking a lot of pictures. You can say that I actually had front row standing at her performance. As the photographer that I am I just been taking as much good photos of Lily, transferring the picture onto my Samsung Galaxy S7, and uploading them onto Facebook and Instagram. I was applauding and uploading pictures at the same time which is such a huge multitasking duty. The only thing that I really did not do during her performance was moving around getting every different angle of her while she was performing. There was an upstair view that I could had taken full advantage of but I did not want to get an awkward angle of her while she was singing and also not to disturb the audience that was watching her performing.

I love every song that Lily was singing. She had a new song that she sang for the first time including a Cranberries classic “Zombie”. As always in every Lily Holbrook performance that I have gone to I am giving her a 10 with an A+ grade. It was worth the drive to San Francisco and paying $.50 every 30 minutes before 10pm for parking.

I left after Lily was done with her performance. I was trying to avoid the loud performance of District 8 and LikeILoveYou. Lately I been bother by loud music which had cause me to wake up the next day with loud drumming in my ear. I was trying not to let Lily down by leaving after she was done with her performance and I felt really guilty for leaving right away but lately with loud performance I have gone to I just can not risk having loud drumming in my ear. I should invest in earplugs whenever I go to a loud music performance.


I want to keep on going out Friday Night. I need to find events that are occurring in the Bay Area in which I can bring my camera so I can take great pictures. I want to continue doing photography when I got the free time. It makes me feel happy on what I am doing. I am still going to go to any performance that Lily Holbrook has and Oakland Museum of California will have great performance and exhibits. I want to stay active as much as I can while I am still able to walk. Life is too short not to take advantage of what is out there.